Five Cool Things About Buffalo Everyone Should Know When Attending UB

Written by Peter Bouris, MBA –

Buffalo is generally known for three things: snow, chicken wings, and the Buffalo Bills. But there’s way more to it. These are good things to know as you are considering whether to attend UB. During your time at the school, make your strongest effort to learn and experience why locals often say, “Keep Buffalo a secret.” These locals then proceed to take a picture near a painting of the expression and post it on social media. Doesn’t make much sense given the expression; but locals in Buffalo have tremendous pride in their town (we often refer to it as a town instead the more accurate term of “city”). 

1. Winters are milder than they used to be. 

Buffalo is known for its brutal winters and excessive amounts of snow. The reputation is based on Buffalo winter from around year 2000 and backward. The good news is that temperatures now do not stay cold enough  for snow to stick around after it piles up. Unlike twenty years ago, when the winters entailed five-degree Fahrenheit days consecutively for a month after a snowfall, we now get a break. Typically, snow will fall, and then it will be cold for a couple days to a week. Then temperatures elevate quickly to around forty-degrees Fahrenheit, all the snow melts, and you have some days of respite. This cycle repeats. Winter is not as daunting as the reputation suggests. 

2. Food. 

Many publications consistently rank Buffalo in the top 10 throughout the US for food. A diverse array of restaurants with all different kinds of cuisines gives Toronto or New York City a run for their money. Indeed, Buffalo has more pizzerias than does New York City. Not more per capita, more in absolute terms. And any Mom-and-Pop pizzeria will produce a good pie for you. The delicacies are chicken wings, which are legitimately better here than anywhere else in the US, beef on kimmelweck, the best hot dog brands in America, the Polish dish pierogis, and arguably spaghetti parmesan.  

Besides the delicacies, there are outstanding options for food from all over the world. From German to Italian to Polish to Greek cuisine, food from the far east, Tex-Mex, authentic Latin American cuisine, Buffalo has it all. And it’s all REALLY good. 

3. Buffalo and American presidents. 

Buffalo was home to two previous American presidents, Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland. In fact, Millard Fillmore was one of the University at Buffalo pioneers and served as the university Chancellor while simultaneously serving as American president. Cleveland was mayor of Buffalo prior to serving as president. His former hunting lodge is now a favorite destination for burgers and fish fries. Furthermore, the conspicuous Theodore Roosevelt would not have been sworn into the presidency if not for the assassination of President William McKinley in Buffalo during the 1901 Pan-American Exhibition.  

4. Electricity. 

While electricity was not invented in Buffalo per se, it was the first major population center to put it into use during the 1901 Pan-American Exhibition. Powered by the nearby and mighty Niagara Falls via hydroelectricity, Buffalo lit up the night sky for visitors from all over the world. 

5. Cultural and racial diversity. 

Considering its place as a medium-sized population center, Buffalo is remarkably diverse. In fact, large advertising firms from New York City, Toronto, and Boston come to Buffalo for their photo shoots due to cheaper real estate and comparable diversity levels. Aside from this, whether in the university or in the city, you will meet people from all different walks of life. This will enrich your personal life and harness your ability to work with others in any career you choose. 

BIO – Peter was born in Buffalo with his family. He is the son of Greek immigrants. Peter earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. After ten years in the workforce, Peter’s employer received a large investment from the venture capital world to expand. Needing to improve his skills as a result, Peter decided to attend UB for his MBA to build his leadership skills and technical abilities. Outside of work, Peter is an avid ice hockey fan and former player. He enjoys writing as well as cooking, consistently working to outperform his mother’s culinary abilities.  

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