Leveraging UB SOM Resources to Land Your Dream Job

Written by Muhammad Ayoub Ashraf, ’MBA 23: 

Imagine yourself after ten years of business school – you are working as CEO, CFO, or COO of a company, or you are a successful entrepreneur running a business. It is not a fairy tale, it is reality to many who left UB School of Management within the last decade. But to make it real for yourself, you have to tap the full potential of the resources available at UB.

Countless opportunities open for you once you begin the UB MBA program. I know some UB MBA students who are still in their second year and have already signed on with leading companies. Data show that 91% of UB MBAs get jobs immediately after completing their MBA or within three months of graduation.

  • You have powerful resource of vast network of UB alumni. They are everywhere. When you go on LinkedIn, to, say, check out a job posting, a message pops up such as, “five people from UB work in this organization.” You can then reach out to those alumni, like I did, and you will be amazed at the level of support and help they extend towards you. I found that our alumni are extremely helpful and they want to give back to the UB, in terms of supporting to new graduates entering the job market.
  • You also get great help from the Career Resource Center (CRC). The CRC is a huge resource in the School of Management, providing a student-specific platform and preparing you to explore new career avenues. CRC helps you polish your resume and your interviewing skills, and you interact regularly with recruiters through career fairs arranged by CRC.
  • The UB School of Management also provides real world experience opportunities during your study. The Corporate Champions program and Social Impact Fellowship are great examples. In Corporate Champions you get deep exposure to the working environment of leading companies. In the Social Impact Fellowship, students work with non-profit and for-profit organizations on projects having potential to impact the lives of people in Western New York.
  • “Experience the 50” is also an amazing program where you explore various industries, interact with the industry leaders, and see how you can make impact in cities across the country. These are great networking opportunities. You meet with the senior leadership of organizations and have an opportunity to work as independent consultants with these firms.

For me, the UB MBA program proved to be a life-changing experience. I consider joining this program as the best decision and a turning event in my life. University at Buffalo is a great place to learn, interact and equip yourself to face the challenges of the modern world with an open and embracing attitude.

Bio: Muhammad Ayoub Ashraf is a physician and entrepreneur with 11 years of vast healthcare experience. He received an MD in Pakistan; in addition, he earned three Master’s degrees, including Master’s in Endocrinology from University of South Wales United Kingdom, MSc Gastroenterology from University of South Wales UK, and a Master’s in Public Health from Eton University, UK.

He is a Certified Professional Coder ((CPC) from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and is a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) by AAPC. Currently he is in the second year of the UB MBA program where he is pursuing a Healthcare Management concentration.

Muhammad is a strong advocate of preventive side of medical care. After several years of clinical experience, he believes “with vim and vigor” that keeping people out of the hospitals is not only achievable but also is hugely profitable. He is working on helping healthcare organizations develop sustainable business models which get benefit by keeping populations healthy and sickness free, instead of diseased and endlessly seeking medical care.

Muhammad lives in Buffalo with his family. His wife is a third-year Neurology resident at Buffalo General Hospital. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, writing and spending time with his two beautiful kids. He is a life-long learner and has traveled to 13 countries.

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  1. Hello Mr. Ashraf,
    I really enjoy reading this post. I am considering in applying for the MBA Program at UB and it was great to see the information that you provided here. I wonder, did you or will you participate in any of the real world opportunities describe above?

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