What is LeaderCORE and why I choose to participate in it

Written by Sivarama Koti Reddy Mandapati, ’MBA 23: 

In my perspective, leadership entails assisting and leading those who have placed their trust in you. I’d like to take you on a tour of my leadership efforts throughout my life. 

Since I was a child, I’ve participated in and dabbled in activities that add value to society. As a responsible citizen, I owe it to society to give back. I’d like to bring to light an incident that is very personal to me. I was in charge of a two-day medical camp at Singabhupalem, Telangana, India, during my college years. During these two days, I had a taste of life in a nutshell, and I had a life-changing event that forever changed my perspective on life. 

When we arrived in the small community, it was devoid of any amenities such as internet, phone, and so on. Despite this, I observed folks who were constantly cheerful and comfortable with their lives. The residents of the town were impoverished and faced numerous problems, but they never lost their beautiful grins. 

I was in charge of a group of people from various backgrounds, including doctors, engineers, and nurses. During the two-day camp, our team successfully reported 500+ persons in the hamlet and referred a few people to nearby hospitals if they had a major medical problem, advising them to get treatment right away. We did everything, from the planning to the logistics to the entire set-up, and we accepted full responsibility for it. We also took it upon ourselves to transport all the necessary medications. These two days without internet or phone taught me a lot of valuable skills, including decision-making, management, the ability to work with limited resources while still giving our best, time management, and so on. 

After starting my full-time job, I was captivated by the idea of managing a team and becoming a leader, which is why I chose MBA. I knew I wanted to be a part of LeaderCORE as soon as I heard about it. It improves leadership qualities through a variety of activities. We don’t see the significance of it until we put it into practice and connect with it.  

LeaderCORE is the most unique class in the MBA program because it encourages you to consider situations and scenarios that you would not normally encounter or consider. I recommend this program, which allows students to develop abilities and work on specific talents throughout the course.  

My experience at LeaderCORE has been an exciting journey in which I have learned a lot. I was recently offered an internship with the Social Impact Fellows. LeaderCORE is one of the reasons for my internship because in one of the LeaderCORE classes they explained about the diversity and treating people differently based on their needs. This topic helped me to connect the dots and ace the interview.  Diversity, communication, interpersonal relationships, and strategic thinking are all skills I learned from LeaderCORE. In addition, I believe these are critical skills for an MBA professional, and I am confident that I am growing in those areas. 

Bio – Ram is a motivated individual with strong willpower who is pursuing a Master of Business Administration at SUNY Buffalo. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India, awarded him a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. He worked as a software engineer in an MNC called Epam for 2.5 years after finishing his undergrad, offering solutions to automate end-to-end Business Scenarios and Bot Utilization reports. He started as a junior software engineer there. Following the interview process, he was promoted to Software Engineer. He gets along well with others and listens carefully before speaking. He’s always been someone who believes in becoming involved in activities that benefit his personality as well as the community in which he resides. He has organized various worldwide events, including Epam’s 25th Anniversary, and this has taught him how to put things together. 

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