Global Glyphosate Workshop held at University at Buffalo, SUNY

Scholars from eight countries gathered over two days in-person and virtually in November 2021 at the University at Buffalo to discuss new social science research challenges in the study of glyphosate and pesticide more broadly. The workshop allowed scholars from various backgrounds to consider the political, economic, environmental and public health implications of the pervasive use of agrochemicals. Researchers spent the initial day in breakout groups covering topics including the agrochemical industry restructuring, social science lenses on toxicity, and emerging geographies of regulation. On the second day, a larger group gathered to share themes, major points of discussion and raise questions. Ultimately, participants in the workshop plan to move forward with a research agenda based on the knowledge gained and shared over the two-day gathering.

This interdisciplinary workshop was the starting point for the Pesticide Research Network (PRN), a group of researchers using a critical social science lens to identify and address challenges posed by pesticides. If you would like to join PRN, please contact Caitlyn Sears (

For more information on the workshop, its participants and participant papers, see the University at Buffalo’s website.

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