Major Research Instruments in MT. POET Lab

Bruker Vertex 70v Vacuum FTIR with multiple beam-splitters and detectors

Continuum infrared microscope with MCT detector

Infrared Laboratories Si bolometer

Janis Supertran ST-100 optical cryostat

Micromanipulator 6000 probe station

A variety of electronic instruments: oscilloscope, lock-in amplifier, spectrum analyzer,

arbitrary function generator, high-power pulse generator, sourcemeter, multimeter, etc.


Bruker Vertex 70v Vacuum FTIR, Janis SuperTran ST-100 optical cryostat, and IR Laboratories Si bolometer located in the MT. POET lab (232 Davis Hall)

Micromanipulator 6000 Probe Station
located in the MT. POET lab (232 Davis Hall)

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