MAE-GSA Lounge

Located in 336 Bell Hall

For your kind information, the MAE-GSA lounge is closed for the Fall 2020 semester. We will update you as soon as the regulations change.

We have two new additions to the existing equipment:

1) Large poster printer (HP T530 36 inches)

2) Creality CR-10 3d printer

Due to the access restrictions to the GSA lounge, the club will only be accepting poster print requests. Please contact the officers for further information.


  • Lounge is for MAE graduate student use only, it has a temporary key access entry, please contact any GSA officers for the access.
  • Lounge will be kept clean and neat otherwise privileges will be revoked
  • Officers reserve the right to annex room
  • Keep the door closed at all times

Priority for use is as follows

  1. GSA officers for meetings and events
  2. MAE graduate students for research or classwork
  3. MAE graduate students for recreational use