Woungly Pauline Promes

Woungly Pauline Promes is a Masters Two student at the University of Yaounde One in Cameroon. She is fascinated by languages thus her specialisation in phonology. She loves having self challenges and the difficulties she encounters in order to achieve them are make her motivations. She very determined and likes to surpass herself to achieve her goals. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and equally likes to learn from others. She has an insatiable quest for wisdom and knowledge. Traveling, describing and understanding the parameters of minor and endangered languages in Africa is her greatest dream. Singing, dancing and reading are her hobbies.

The phonology of Ajumbu
Ajumbu, also called Muc, Mbu’, Ajuh mbuh or lung is a Southern Bantoid language from the Yemne-Kimbi group in Lower Fungom. This work principally sets out to describe the sound system of the Language . Moreso, it will examine the syllable structure of Ajumbu. Also, this study aims at documenting and preserving this minor language. Furthermore, this thesis will lay the foundation for further studies on this language enhancing its promotion. Equally important, the product of this research will permit a more precised genetic classification of the language.

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