Joyce Tatang Yasho

 Tatang Joyce Yasho obtained her MA in Linguistics in November 2016 at the Department of Linguistics, University of Buea with a thesis entitled “Aspects of Kung grammar”, supervised by Dr. Pius Akumbu. Joyce’s full CV.

Tatang Joyce Yasho’s thesis summary

Aspects of Kung grammar

This study set out to describe aspects of the phonology and morpho-syntax of Kung, a central Ring Grassfields Bantu language of Northwest Cameroon. The absence of literature on the language prompted this research. After collecting data from native speakers and analyzing within the theory of Classical Phonemics, it was found that there are 24 consonant phonemes, 10 vowel phonemes and three (3) underlying tones in the language. A number of phonological processes such as devocalization and homorganic nasal assimilation were found to commonly apply in the language. Based on noun class affixes and on agreement marking on modifiers within the noun phrase, it was observed that the nouns of Kung fall into 11 noun classes. Athough further investigation is required, the data presented in this work suggest that Kung should be classified as a Central Ring (not West Ring) Grassfields Bantu language.

Joyce’s thesis is available here.

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