Inhabiting Spaces 2023

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Inhabiting Spaces is a multi-year project involving faculty and students from the College of Arts and Sciences, along with multiple community partners.  Arts Management student Lili Stern assists with production management and event coordination.

Inhabiting Spaces is a multi-disciplinary performance Art Tour, held throughout SUNY Buffalo’s North Campus on April 26 & 27, 2023.

This two-day event features collaborative performance works by students in Melanie Aceto’s Choreography II class, Tiffany Du Mouchelle’s Music and Drama Ensemble, and Jacob Reber’s Introduction to Writing Poetry & Fiction class, along with other guest artists and presenters.

Co-directed by Aceto and Du Mouchelle, the focus of Inhabiting Spaces is the collaboration of artists and professionals from diverse mediums to create site-specific performance works. Together, they explore the unique qualities of each chosen location and environment, such as: the purpose of the space, architectural elements of the space, and acoustical phenomena within the structure. Through conversation the collaborators create unique works, which are later presented as a part of a walking experiential art-tour.