Prof. Sherry R. Chemler, Principle Investigator

Sherry Chemler was born in Chicago Illinois. She obtained her BA in Chemistry from Boston University and her PhD in Chemistry from Indiana University (with Bill Roush). Following an NIH-sponsored postdoc at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute (with Sam Danishefsky), she began her career at UB in 2002. Sherry was promoted to Full Professor in 2013. She was named a Cope Scholar in 2017, a UB Exceptional Scholar (Sustained Achievement) in 2018, and a SUNY Chancellor’s awardee for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities in 2023. Sherry is on the Editorial Board of Science Advances (AAAS) and served on the Advisory Board of Organic Letters (ACS) from 2011-2022.

Chemler Group 2022 (L bottom to top): Alexis Kelleher, Chaeeon (Jenny) Song, Joseph Fose, Jaffer Saeed, Sherry Chemler; (R top to bottom): Ameya Burde, Jonathan Kennedy-Ellis, Raul Carmo, Buiya Faisal, Luke Davison
Chemler Group 2018
Chemler Group 2015
Chemler Group Photo 2011

Current Students:

Raul Carmo (5th year graduate student)

Aniruddha Marathe (1st year graduate student)

Atinuke Abanikanda (1st year graduate student)

Alexis Kelleher (2nd year graduate student)

Chaeeon (Jenny) Song  (2nd year graduate student)

Joseph Fose (1st year graduate student)

Erika Rizzo (UB undergraduate, chemistry)


Luke Davison (MS 2022) current: Research Scientist I, Nitto Avecia, Milford, MA; former QC Chemist I, Cambrex, Iowa

Jonathan Kennedy-Ellis (PhD 2022)  Scientist I, Electrosyn

Ameya Burde (PhD 2022)      Postdoc, U. Michigan

Sam Galster (PhD 2021) current: Patent Reviewer, USPTO; former: Postdoc University of North Carolina Pharmacy

Dake Chen (PhD 2020)          Research Scientist, Hansoh Bio

Ilyas Berhane  (PhD 2020)     Clarivate Consulting

Steele Burgeson (MS, 2020)  SI Group, Inc, Albany NY)

Tomasz Wdowik (PhD 2019)  Postdoc with Gryko group, University of Warsaw, Poland

Jonathan Shikora (PhD 2019) Research Scientist position): Jordi Labs

Um Chanchamnan (PhD 2018)          lecturer, Paragon University, Cambodia

Zainab Khoder (PhD 2018)    Visiting Assistant Professor, Medaille University

Erik Boldt (MS, 2017)            Honeywell

Shukelundu Karyakarte (PhD 2016)   Research Scientist, Southern Research University 

Barbara Casavant (PhD 2017)            Lecturer, SUNY Genneseo

Surui Hou (BS/MS, 2015)      Ph.D. student, UB, Bioinformatics

Samuel Ziebel (MS 2015) high school science teacher, Nativity of Our Lord, Buffalo

Timothy Liwosz (PhD 2014)  Lecturer at University at Buffalo SUNY

Mike Bovino (PhD 2014)       Professional Chemistry Tutor LLC

Ben Turnpenny (PhD 2014)   Lecturer, SUNY Binghamton

Fatima Sequeira (PhD 2012)  Reviewer, FDA

David Copeland (MA, 2012)  engineering

Monissa Paderes (PhD 2012)  Assistant Professor, University of Philippines Institute of Chemistry

Kiante Hyman (MS 2011)

Azade Hosseini (B.S./M.S. 2011)       PhD, Boston College, then scientist, Neon Therapeutics

Peter Fuller (PhD 2009)         Merck, Medicinal Chemistry, Boston (Director, Discovery)

Eric Sherman (PhD 2009)      Patent Lawyer, DC area (Hahn and Associates)

Imranul Haque (B.S./M.S. 2009)       CPA, PwC

Jin Woo Kim (M.S. 2008)      PhD Program, SUNY Stonybrook Medicinal Chemistry

Thomas Zabawa (PhD 2007)  Director, Chemistry & Manufacturing, Hepion Pharmaceuticals

Maria Manzoni (PhD 2006)   Reviewer for The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Nadine James (MS 2006)       Ph.D. from Roswell Park Cancer Institute then President and CEO, Illuminxation 

Visiting Professor

Dr. Ta-Hsein Chuang  2013-2014 China Medical University, Taiwan

Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Lei Miao (Ph.D. from U. New Orleans)                                                             2009-2011 Research Scientist, Adesis, Inc.

Dr. Wei Zeng (Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Suchuan University, China)           2006-2008 Professor, South China University of Technology (SCUT)

Dr. Dhanalakshmi Kasi (Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology)  2004-2005 Reviewer, FD

Dr. Derick Lucey (Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, University at Buffalo)                  2002-2003 Research Scientist, Alcoa Industries, New York

Dr. Yan Miller  (Ph.D. from U. Rochester)  2011-2013 Research Scientist, Chevron, CA

Former Undergraduate Researchers (+denotes co-author)

Christopher Tucciarone (UB undergraduate, chemistry, expected BS 2025)

Zahra Husseini (UB undergraduate, biology, CSTEP program, expected BS 2024)

Jaffer Sayeed (UB undergraduate, biomedical sciences, expected BS 2024)

Buiya Faisal (UB undergraduate, chemical engineering, expected BS 2025)

Ralph Januale (BS 2023), UB Pharm. D. Program, School of Pharmacy     

Chaeeon (Jenny) Song (BS 2021)      UB Medicinal Chemistry PhD Program

Stephen Carro (BS, 2019)     PhD program, Microbiology, UPenn 

Fatima Sequeira+ (BS, 2017), ACS Summer Scholar, PhD, UB Chemistry, Reviewer, FDA

Rasheen Powell (BS, 2015)  PhD, UB Pharmacology, Postdoc, Boston Children’s Hospital (UB CSTEP summer student)

Scott Wudarski (BS, 2015)     Chemistry PhD program, U. Pitt.

Shawn Dormann (BS, 2016)  Chemistry PhD program, Syracuse University

Sol Lederman Student Research Award, summer, 2015 

Josiah Matthew+ (NSF REU student, 2014), UB chemistry Ph.D. program (deceased)

Marina Ferreira+ (Brazilian Internship/summer Fellowship 2014)

Guoqing Huang+ (BS, 2014)              

John Schneible (BS, 2014) PhD, NC State    technical advisor AGG LLC

Ben Detty (BS, 2014) Chemist, Plesh Contract Packaging

Christina Wong+ (BS, 2014) MS Medicinal Chemistry, University of Kansas, Research Associate II, Array Biopharma

Keith Dolcy (BS, 2013) (UB CSTEP Summer Undergraduate Research Program), UB PharmD, UNC Postdoc

Garrick Zebrig (BS, 2012)

Marat Mitelman (BS, 2012), MD, St. George University      

Albert Ikramov (BS, 2012)

Nicole Kendal+ (BS, 2012) MD, Ohio State

Thom Smith+ (BS, 2011) U. Wisconsin PhD program, National Organic Symposium Undergraduate Travel Award 2011

Matt Freitag (BS, 2011)                                                                     

Peter Bloomingdale (BS, 2011)         

Anthony Chipre*+ (BS, 2011),           Chemistry PhD, Northwestern U.

Susan Flynn (BS, 2010) PhD, Syracuse University, Research Assistant Prof. Binghamton U.

Eugene Thalmann (BS, 2010) Nutritional Consultant

Daniel Saada (BS, 2010) MD, Georgetown University

Nami Ji (BS, 2009) Chemistry PhD, Texas A&M

Weng Siong Tham+ (BS, 2009) Recipient, National Organic Symposium Travel Award 2009

Graduate student, chemistry at U. Mich. 

Mark Kryman (NSF REU 2009), PhD UB Chemistry, Senior Scientist Ortho Clinical Diagnostics           

Phung Tang (BS, 2008), Albany Molecular

Henning Behkin (NSF REU, 2007), BS University of Hamburg

Dov Shalmon  (summer 2006, BS Nortwestern U.)

Melantha Jackson* (NSF REU 2006)

Justin Howard (BS, 2007) Peter Lansbury Summer Research Award,Safety-Kleen, Buffalo, NY

Lok Lok Liu (UB, 2006), SUNY University Scholar, Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Hong Kong

David Goldberger (BS, 2006) Medical School, UB

Thomas Hayes (BS, 2005), PhD, Chemistry, Washington State University, postdoc UC Berkeley

Dong Bin Kim (BS, 2005)  Medical School

Brian Williams (BS, 2005)     •Precision Ballance, Buffalo area

Shanna Sessler (BS 2008)      •Double major, chemistry and engineering, 2005 REU participant at University of Colorado, self-employed

Taqueena Hall* (BS, 2005)    MHSA, George Washington U.         Medical Records Coordinator

Joseph King (UB NSF REU student, 2005)            Carmeuse Lime and Stone, Alabama

Kelly Harris (BS, 2005)          Medical School

Tai Boon Tan (BS, 2004)       PhD, UB Chemical Engineering, General Physics Corporation

Nisha Perez   (BS, 2004)      Scientist, Blueprint Medicines

Caitlin Hubbard Karver          (BS, 2003), PhD, U. Southern California       Associate Professor, DePaul University Medicinal Chemistry, Chicago, IL.

Joseph Chemler (summer 2002) Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University at Buffalo, NIH postdoctoral fellow, David Sherman, U. Mich., Lead Scientist, Kalsec, Inc.