Information for Students

The Child and Adolescent Relationships Laboratory welcomes graduate and undergraduate students with interests in developmental psychopathology, peer relationships (including friendships, peer rejection, popularity, and romantic relationships), individual child characteristics (such as aggressive or socially withdrawn behavioral profiles), social cognition, culture, and social/emotional development.

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in working with Dr. Bowker, please contact her at Since Dr. Bowker is a member of the clinical area in UB’s psychology department, graduate students who study with Dr. Bowker have the unique opportunity to work in a research lab that focuses on child development and developmental psychopathology, and at the same time, receive clinical training.

Each year Dr. Bowker accepts 3-4 new undergraduate research assistants. Undergraduate research assistants must have a minimum GPA of 3.3, and will be required to commit to the laboratory for one year. Preference will be given to sophomores and juniors. Undergraduate research assistants will be involved in data collection in local middle schools and in the laboratory, data entry, the transcriptions of video-taped interviews with children and their best friends, and observational coding. Students will receive 3 credits of PSY 498 for their laboratory work each semester, and will be required to complete approximately 9 hours of lab work and attend a 1 hour lab meeting each week.

Email Dr. Bowker at or Jenna Weingarten at for additional information.