Meet Your Graduate Admissions Advisor: Meghan Werth

Meghan Werth

Are you ready to take the next step toward advancing your career? Our new Graduate Admissions Advisor, Meghan (“Meg”) Werth is ready help. With her passion for higher education and dedication to guiding students through their admissions journey, she’s the ideal person to help you confidently pursue your academic goals.


Meg is a proud alumna of SUNY Oswego where she earned her bachelor’s degree in human resource management. Her academic program provided a strong foundation in recruitment and organizational behavior, setting the stage for her future career in admissions advising. During her time at SUNY Oswego, Meg was actively engaged in the campus community. She played integral roles in the Counseling Outreach Peer Educator Program, the SUNY Oswego Investment Club and served as a New Student Orientation Leader. These experiences underline her passion for helping students find the right program that matches their career goals.  

Her academic foundation and extensive customer service experience led Meg to the role of admissions advisor. The practices she’s learned from her human resource management degree complement the world of admissions and recruiting. Working closely with student populations has deepened her passion for higher education.

Personal Mission

As a UB School of Management admissions advisor, Meg’s mission is to guide students toward their professional aspirations, empowering each student’s admissions journey with knowledge, empathy, and advisement. She’s committed to helping students find the program that’s right for them and ensuring they have the support they need to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Getting to Know Meg

Meg has a deep appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Her favorite book is, “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” and she enjoys the movie “Bride Wars.” When it comes to food, her heart belongs to Birria Tacos, and her favorite color is purple. Meg’s best concert experience ever was attending Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, which she identifies as her latest “core memory.” Something unique about her is her love for making pottery and she’s currently learning American Sign Language.

As a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan, Meg proudly supports her favorite team in red, white and blue. And, if she could choose a dream vacation, it would be either Tokyo or New Zealand.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Meg specializes in the MS in Management Information Systems, Accounting, and Finance programs. Schedule an advising appointment with Meg today and let her help you realize your academic and professional goals.

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