Candid Reviews: A Discussion of the UB MBA Program by Current Students

There’s a reason online reviews have become one of the most influential and trusted sources of information in the consumer decision-making process—they are written by people who actually use the products and services. In our unedited video series, we hear honest reviews from five current UB MBA students (Catherine Scrivo Baker, MBA ‘23, Sivarama Mandapati, MBA ’23,   Tyler Penberthy, MBA ’22, Himani Priya, MBA ’22, and Matthew Taboni, JD/MBA ’25) on far-ranging topics: 

Meet the UB Ambassadors 2022 Part 1: Why students chose UB, the UB MBA community and its culture including diversity and interaction with faculty. Bonus topics include living options and favorite places to eat on- and off-campus. 

Meet the UB Ambassadors 2022 Part 2: Students’ thoughts on the curriculum and the time they dedicate to studying and coursework; opportunities for experiential activities and clubs; and how the Career Resource Center assists with career exploration, internships and employment opportunities. 

Meet the UB Ambassadors 2022: Part 3: Students dive into “the fun stuff”: what makes them unique members of the UB MBA program, what they do to relax, what they love about Buffalo, what they will miss most about UB, and much more. 

To learn more about the program, set up a one-on-one session with Aaron Shaw, or to apply, visit the UB MBA website.  

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