You really can do it all – work, service and school! Here is how… – Malcolm Ertha’s Story

Malcolm Ertha simultaneously and successfully manages being Chief of Staff of The City of Buffalo Common Council, a full-time student in UB’s Executive MBA program, and a Sergeant in the US Army Reserves. He credits his military experience as giving him an edge in decision-making, teamwork, and leadership—skills he has identified as critical for success in his current high-profile position and in a demanding academic program.  

Ertha also relies on his military training to help him navigate the academic world after a ten-year hiatus from the classroom.  “You’re going to get pulled into a lot of different directions,” he said, “And for me, it was particularly a challenge because it was so long since I was last in school. It’s about getting back into that battle rhythm…Challenging military courses, training exercises, deployments—these are things that really prepare you well to handle anything that comes with UB.”  

Hear more of Ertha’s experience in the UB EMBA program in our 14-minute Military Information Session video.  

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