From Engineering to MBA

A conversation with Patrick Biver, UB BS Engineering/MBA ’1 

Patrick Biver at the Great Wall of China
Patrick Biver. UB Global Perspectives trip to China.

Why did you choose UB? 

When I was in high school, I was weighing the costs of a college degree, considering the benefits of staying in-state. UB was an obvious choice because of the low cost, but when I actually did the tour I fell in love with the amount of fun activities around Buffalo and the UB campus, as well as the number of support centers and activities (case competitions, global perspective trips) which I felt would help ensure my success. 

What other schools did you consider? 

I was looking to stay in-state, so the schools I considered were RIT, Clarkson, SUNY Binghamton, Syracuse, Alfred and UB. 

My list was engineering-focused; as I planned to do my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Luckily, UB had the dual degree program, so I could pursue an MBA with my engineering degree. 

What is the MBA program’s greatest asset? 

The greatest asset of the program is its people. I have learned more from the experiences of other fellow students than I have in many of my own experiences. The chance to learn from others of different backgrounds that range from industrial to health care has been eye opening to say the least. 

What do you plan to do with your MBA? 

As a dual degree student, I can work to develop my understanding of the technical aspects of engineering as well as the policies of a business to translate between two functions of an organization. In this role I will work on translating customer requirements on the business side of the house to the technical requirements needed for design and manufacturing.  

With skills gained through my MBA, I aim to become a manager in the business development of an organization where I can directly interface with technical and business experts of customers to capture new business opportunities and develop stronger relationships for further technology development.  

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? 

I see myself at an aerospace company, working to capture new business while understanding the current technical capabilities of the organization. This would include understanding the proposal process, as well as working with subject matter experts to develop a higher level of understanding of different product lines. This position would also include access to internal research and development, where I could play a role in the development of internal tipping point technologies.  

How would you describe UB? 

The school is small and helpful. I’ve always found a friendly face around every corner who was willing to help me through any challenges. The smaller nature of the school has led to close relationships with many faculty — something extremely effective for personal and professional growth. The school is highly professional and provides immense support to those who seek it. 

What advice would you give to a student evaluating which MBA programs to apply to? 

Think of your future when considering a school. I have spoken to many students who have applied to much “easier” schools and have ended up gaining far less than I have. Look for the programs that will challenge you to develop your personal and professional skills as much as possible. 

Patrick Biver and team win case competition
UB MBAs Patrick Biver, Briar Baker, Ronald Mendoza and Alex Lesins win case competition.

Patrick Biver is now a development engineer at Moog Space and Defense Group.

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