Summer Activities, and Gayming Podcast Episode!

The Amatryx Lab is really excited to share an episode of Gayming Podcast, the podcast for Gayming Magazine, that Cody got to be a part of! This episode celebrates 35 years since CM Ralph published Caper in the Castro, a foundational queer game released as “charityware” during the AIDS crisis. Huge thanks to Robin and Miabyte for hosting Cody, and to Adrienne Shaw who recommended them for it!

This summer the Amatryx Lab is working on finishing and publishing Trans Folks Walking, our game that has been in development, and on laying the groundwork for our next big project: Gaming in the Rust Belt, focused on game design, gaming cultures, and regional history in the Rust Belt region. We will be conducting reading and playing groups this summer, and let us know if you’d like to get involved in some way!

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