Welcome to the Website of the Environmental Geophysics Research Group at UB

We currently have a postdoctoral open position in the group.

Dr. Oware’s research group’s interest is in the application of geophysical tools for hydrogeological and agricultural applications. The group employs geophysical methods, such as electrical resistivity (ER), electromagnetic induction, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to non-invasively characterize subsurface parameters and processes. Our major research objectives are in the development of innovative geostatistical inverse modeling strategies to advance the characterization/monitoring of aquifer hydraulic properties and flow and transport processes in highly heterogeneous/fractured aquifer systems, through numerical, laboratory, and field-scale experiments.

The team is currently working on an NSF grant to advance stochastic analysis of solute transport in highly heterogeneous aquifers using geophysical and hydrogeological measurements.