A Guide to Transportation Options in Buffalo

Written by: Shashank Shivananda, MS in MIS ’24

As a student navigating life in Buffalo without a car, you might initially feel limited in your transportation options. However, fear not! Buffalo offers a range of transportation mediums tailored to students’ needs, with the UB Stampede Bus standing out as a convenient and reliable choice. Let’s explore how you can travel around Buffalo without a car, making the most of the city’s diverse transportation options.

1. UB Stampede Bus: The University at Buffalo’s Stamped Bus system is a lifeline for students commuting between campuses and exploring the city. With routes connecting the North and South campuses to key areas of Buffalo, including downtown, shopping districts and residential areas, the UB Stampede Bus offers frequent and convenient service tailored to students’ schedules. Best of all: it is free for all UB students.

2. NFTA Metro Rail: Buffalo’s Metro Rail is another excellent option for students looking to travel around the city efficiently. The light rail system runs from the University Station on the South Campus through downtown Buffalo, providing access to popular destinations such as Canalside, KeyBank Center and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

3. NFTA Metro Bus: The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) operates an extensive bus network that covers Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs. With numerous routes crisscrossing the city, the NFTA Metro Bus is a versatile option for students seeking transportation to areas not directly served by the UB Stampede Bus or Metro Rail.

4. Biking and walking: Buffalo’s relatively flat terrain and growing network of bike lanes make biking and walking viable transportation options for students, especially for short trips around campus or nearby neighborhoods. Many students opt to bike or walk to class, enjoying the exercise and eco-friendly commute.

5. Ride sharing and taxis: For students needing transportation outside of scheduled bus or rail service hours or for trips to destinations not accessible by public transit, ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, as well as traditional taxi companies, provide convenient on-demand transportation options.

6. Car-Sharing and Carpooling: While you may not have a car of your own, car-sharing services like Zipcar offer hourly and daily rentals, allowing students to access vehicles when needed for longer trips or errands. Additionally, carpooling with friends or classmates can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to travel.

Navigating Buffalo as a student without a car is entirely feasible thanks to the city’s diverse transportation options. From the convenience of the UB Stampede Bus and Metro Rail to biking, walking, ride sharing and car sharing, students have numerous ways to explore the city and access essential services without the need for personal vehicle ownership. Embrace the transportation options available to you and let the UB Stampede Bus and other mediums be your ticket to experiencing all that Buffalo has to offer.

Shashank Shivananda, MS MIS '24

Shashank, originally from Bengaluru, India, holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in Information Technology. His professional journey includes working as a developer at Philips R&D. His family consists of three members including his father, mother, and himself. He has exhibited leadership qualities throughout his life, beginning in his early years. He has actively volunteered as a Student Placement Coordinator, collaborating closely with hiring HR professionals and the CRC department. He also took on the role of an event coordinator, organizing efforts to provide mid-day meals for school children. His passion lies in technology, and he’s committed to continuous learning, engaging in new knowledge daily. He was recognized during his internship as a keen learner and a star performer. His decision to pursue the MIS program at UB was fueled by his desire to transition from a technical role to a managerial one. The program’s unique blend of management and technology aligns perfectly with his goals. As a professional, he is driven by results, maintaining consistency in his efforts and leadership and excelling in communication.

Photo credit: Tom Wolf

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