Are You A Good Fit for UB’s JD/MBA Program?

Written by: Sarah Jiva, JD/MBA ’26

I vividly remember learning about and applying for the JD/MBA program at the University at Buffalo. I felt all the feelings that one does as you embark on a new life adventure—excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. Looking back now and as I approach the halfway point of my dual degree journey, I know that I made the right choice to choose this program.

No two paths to pursuing higher education are alike, but if you resonate with any of the below statements, UB’s JD/MBA dual degree program may be right for you too.

If you love to learn 

When making the conscious decision to stay in school for another four years, it is imperative that you enjoy learning new things, broadening your perspectives and deepening your understanding of the business and law fields. You will learn course concepts such as customer management metrics and the different kinds of intentional torts. You will learn how to analyze financial data and conduct legal research regarding what kinds of statements are actionable as defamatory. You will learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner and develop your interpersonal skills.  

Your learning never stops inside or outside the classroom in the JD/MBA program. 

If you strive to be a leader 

Managerial and legal skills are an asset to any organization. If you want to deepen your leadership skills and experiences, the JD/MBA program is a great way to do so. Some opportunities within the School of Management include LeaderCORE, an immersive personal and professional development program, and advising first-year MBA students in the MBA Peer Mentor Program. Some opportunities within the School of Law include many student-run organizations pertaining to different areas of the law as well as trial team and moot court. 

If you want to expand your network 

I’ve met more people since I started this program than in all my prior years combined. As an introvert, networking was quite intimidating to me at first. I am forever grateful for the connections that I have made over the past two years, in terms of both fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni and local community members working in law and business.  

In the dual degree program you will have access to two cohorts of enthusiastic peers who will be your future colleagues in the world of work. The faculty and staff in both schools are excellent, and are always willing to help you navigate your way through. Both schools are deeply engaged with alumni and local community members and pride themselves on making connections between students and these successful individuals. No matter who I meet, I always learn something new and inspiring from them. 

If you appreciate a mix of team and individual work 

The MBA program provides a plethora of teamwork experiences through the core classes as well as elective courses. The program is very social in nature and allows for the development of team, interpersonal and presentation skills. On the other hand, the JD program involves predominantly individual work including lots of reading (of course), outlining and researching. This variety keeps things very interesting and lively, and you will learn how to adapt to whichever working environment you are placed in. 

If you enjoy a challenge 

To say that the curriculum in the School of Law and School of Management are intellectually stimulating is an understatement. During my first year of the program, I grappled with business-related concepts regarding managerial accounting, economics and organizational behavior. Now in my second year, I have been thrown into the deep end of legal research, civil procedure and property. Not only is the experience challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Throughout the program, I have retained concepts from the classroom that I continually draw upon in new courses and in daily life in general. 

The JD/MBA program has transformed the way that I think as well as the trajectory of my life. It pushes me outside of my comfort zone and allows me to grow as a person and professional every day. If you are interested in UB’s JD/MBA program and want to discuss it more, please feel free to reach out—I would be more than happy to give back to the community which has given so much to me. 

Sarah Jiva, JD/MBA '26

Bio: Sarah Jiva is a current JD/MBA student at the University at Buffalo School of Management. As of this post she is working as an intern at Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit organization, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. She also is a teaching assistant for Introduction to Management Information Systems (MGS351).

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