Why I Chose the UB MS in MIS for Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Written by: Abinash Jena, MS in MIS ’24

From the seabed to space, whatever machines or technologies we incorporate have all had their humble origins. Regardless of when they were developed, it was their original thinking spirit that nudged them to find solutions to answer their curiosity. I, Abinash Jena, harbor a similar intrigue for developing and contributing to technological advancements that improve human lifestyle.  

I chose mechanical engineering as my way of doing this, although getting a bachelor’s degree wasn’t sufficient for me. My experience of more than 5 years in the corporate world led me to reflect on my abilities to convey my thoughts accurately, to plan and outline the blueprint of a project, to provide my technical expertise in the field of Cyber Security, Project Management, and Tech-Consulting and to manage my clients under strict deadlines. These experiences helped me to understand my innate potential that matches the field of information systems. Therefore, I concluded that I wanted to opt for Masters of Science in Management Information Systems. The decision was a well-thought-out one, driven by a combination of personal passion, the evolving landscape of technology, and the immense potential in the field of cybersecurity.  

In this article, I’ll deep dive into my reasons for selecting the MS in MIS program, with focus on Cyber Security Management roles. 

Perfect Balance between Technology and Management 

The first factor that drew me towards this program is the course structure which I believe is a perfect amalgamation of tech and business subjects. The program’s unique ability to bridge the gap between technology and business was particularly appealing to me. It offers a well-rounded education that integrates technical expertise with strategic decision-making. This combination is invaluable, as it prepares graduates to tackle complex challenges that require a deep understanding of both the technical and managerial aspects of information systems. 

Faculties and Resources 

The director of the MIS program, Professor Kevin Cleary, was the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of UB, and I want to learn as much as I can from his experiences. Similarly, Professor Manish Gupta and John Walp, who teaches IS Auditing and IT Risk management, are two of the best guides one could have if he or she wants to make a career in cyber security or a related field. They have more than two decades of industry experience working in various leadership roles. Simply having engaging conversations with them increases the scope of learning and knowledge. 

Past Experience 

My past professional experience in the field of governance, risk and compliance and in cyber security allowed me to understand the importance of security in the field of information systems. Also dealing with people not only from multicultural backgrounds but also different circumstances helped me to understand the role management and leadership plays in bringing all the dots together for securing and managing information assets. 

Endless Opportunities 

With the proliferation of technology, data breaches, and cyber threats, organizations are in desperate need of experts who can safeguard and manage their digital assets, thereby increasing the demand for cybersecurity professionals. The UB MS in MIS program’s emphasis on cyber roles aligns perfectly with this growing need by providing graduates with a skill set that is relevant and also in high demand. I am certain that studying MIS at UB will enhance my cyber knowledge and skills, and will also make me ready for the quick-paced market trends persisting in the world allowing me to make informed decisions based on logical facts and figures. 

In summary, my choice to pursue the UB MS in MIS program was guided by my passion for technology, the program’s ability to bridge the gap between technology and business, the abundance of career opportunities it offers, its adaptability to technological advancements, and the supportive learning environment it provides. As a Dean’s Student Ambassador, I am excited to promote this program to prospective students who, like me, are looking for a dynamic and future-focused education that prepares them to excel in a rapidly changing world. The UB MS in MIS program is more than a degree, it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Bio: Abinash Jena was born in Bhubaneswar, a town 50 km from the Bay of Bengal, the east coast of India. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined Infosys as a Cyber Security consultant. Cyber had always been his area of interest. He worked with companies like TransUnion and KPMG, dealing with clients like Amex and T-Mobile. He has spent a good amount of time in different cities of India such Mysore, Pune and Bangalore due to his work commitments, which has helped him to experience the diverse culture and varied outlooks on life. Abinash chose UB after doing his fair share of research. He believes UB has one of the best MIS programs, which provides a perfect amalgamation of subjects in cyber security and management. This will help him gain the necessary cyber skills from a business point of view and help him grow in his career. He loves playing cricket and football. He watches a lot of sports like tennis, football, cricket, Formula1, etc., and has always loved cooking and trying different cuisine.

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