Why I Chose the 3/2 MBA Program at UB

Written by: Joseph Doona, MBA ’25

Background at UB 

When I started at the University at Buffalo, I had no idea what I wanted to do in my professional career. In my first few semesters I was able to speak with different faculties members around UB to get a better understanding of my future aspirations. 

After meeting with faculty members and other administrators at the School of Management, it became obvious to me that I wanted to pursue a career in business. This was easily the best decision I have ever made on a personal and professional level. Throughout my years at UB, I have met so many amazing people. These instructors, students, and faculty have inspired me to leave a lasting legacy and impact on the School of Management. 

3/2 MBA Program 

In the fall semester of my junior year, I became interested in the 3/2 MBA or 4/1 MS program. The 3/2 program can be characterized as a “horizontal” degree rather than a “vertical” degree. The horizontal degree simply means that it is less concentrated in a specific field, while the vertical degree is more concentrated in a specific field.  

Since my freshman year, I have wanted to choose a career path in the finance industry. However, I was hooked on many of the competencies and skills that I could learn in the MBA program. The MBA program focuses more on leadership and teamwork when compared to the MS program. Also, the MBA program is important for general business knowledge and most classes are geared toward making decisions from a management perspective. 

Along with the educational benefits of the program, there were many other reasons why I chose the full-time MBA program. First, I have grown to love the Buffalo community. It is full of amazing people who are more than willing to help and support others when needed. Another reason why I chose this program is because of the cost and value. This is a really important factor because the 3/2 program is an extremely affordable way to earn both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

First Semester in the Program 

The first semester of the MBA program has been an amazing experience. I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people from all different backgrounds. The program has provided me the ability to learn from people who have had extremely different life experiences than me. In addition, my team recently completed our Corporate Champions competition. This competition introduced us to some amazing local businesses, ours being Moog. Overall, the first semester of the program has been exciting and challenging. I am excited to continue to develop as a professional as a UB MBA! 

Bio: Joseph was born in Franklin Square, New York. He grew up with seven brothers and his parents. He is a 3/2 MBA at the University at Buffalo. During this time, he concentrated in Finance and International Business. During his undergrad, Joseph worked as an accounting and data analytics peer tutor at the Learning, Leadership, and Community Center. This time as a peer tutor inspired him to want to help and mentor younger students at UB. He is now a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course, MGS 351. During the summers in Long Island, Joseph worked as a Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting Intern at Omnicom Group. He is now pursing an MBA at UB because he wants to grow his network and build upon his skills in business.

In his free time, Joseph loves to be outdoors. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are hiking, kayaking, going to the beach, and playing sports with friends. He loves to travel and eat food from different countries around the world. Another one of his hobbies is to meet new people. He loves to learn about different people, cultures and backgrounds. Joseph’s goal is to be a strong asset to the UB School of Management and Buffalo as a whole. Feel free to reach out for any advice!

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