Networking at UB as a First-Year MBA Student

Written by: Peter Bouris, MBA ’24

Networking is a crucial part of every MBA program. In fact, for many, it is one of the biggest reasons to pursue an MBA. However, it is daunting for almost all first-year students, especially if you are in a new place and new school. When people hear the word “networking,” they tend to run for the hills.  It turns out it is easier than you think. The following will cover the ins and outs of networking as a first-year MBA at UB, both professionally and personally. 

Social networking is always more comfortable, so let’s start there. Attending UB means you are in Buffalo. While this may seem trivial, it is highly advisable to at least keep up with the Buffalo Bills, even if you do not understand American football. Many of your local classmates and instructors will openly discuss the most recent game and whether the team has won or lost. Check online when the games are and who won them. With this knowledge, you can start a conversation. You will be able to more easily speak with your classmates and instructors as most will have an inherent interest in the team. Ultimately, it will help you form new relationships. 

Related, Buffalo is known for its cuisine. Ask some of your classmates for suggestions on restaurants to try. In fact, invite your classmates to go with you and what suggestions they have. Food helps friendships form. It is no different here, except that the food is here is oftentimes better than everywhere else. 

On the professional end, take advantage of the work the Career Resource Center (CRC) does. Get to know your career advisor early by asking for resume advice and discussing your career interests. Furthermore, attend the career fairs, power lunches and campus visits from various companies. Information for all of this is easily found on BizLink. Attend and speak with others about your interests. You will develop many potential professional contacts if you capitalize on these opportunities. 

This networking thing doesn’t sound so hard, does it? 

Bio: Peter was born to Greek immigrants in Buffalo and grew up with his parents and much of his extended family. Peter earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. Having ten years’ experience in the workforce, Peter returned for his MBA to improve his skills. He decided to attend UB’ to build his leadership skills and technical abilities. He is also an avid ice hockey fan and former player. He enjoys writing as well as cooking, consistently working to outperform his mother’s culinary feats.

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