Why I Chose the UB MBA Program after Six Years in the Corporate World

Written by: Rupsha Roy Choudhury, MBA ’25

Returning to college after spending six years in the corporate world is a significant decision that can be both exciting and challenging. This transition represents a journey of my personal growth and transformation, as I decided to embark on a path to expand my knowledge, reevaluate my career goals and redefine the sense of self.  

Let me share the motivations, challenges, and benefits of coming back to college after a substantial hiatus in the corporate world. Taking the plunge can be scary, but I once heard a quote which says, “When you are most scared to jump, that’s when you jump.” 

 After working six years at Fidelity, I recognized the limitations of my current role and sought higher education as a means to unlock new career opportunities. Advanced degrees and certifications can make me more competitive in the job market and open doors to managerial or specialized positions.  

Over time, I discovered that I would like to know about leadership strategies and managerial initiatives, which were overshadowed by the demands of corporate life as an associate. Returning to college allowed me to pursue these passions and gain a deeper understanding of subjects which I am passionate about. The corporate world is dynamic, with constantly evolving technologies and industry trends. Returning to college offers me a chance to update and upgrade my skills, ensuring that I could remain relevant in my fields. 

Everything comes with a price. Deciding to make a move to a foreign country literally on the other side of the world requires consideration of many factors. The first and foremost being the significant financial burden including tuition fees, textbooks, travel and living expenses. Managing these costs can be particularly challenging for someone like me who have already been financially independent. The financial burden is huge, and it keeps playing at the back of your head all the time.  

What I am trying to learn is time management amidst the coursework, the exams, the household chores and the part-time work. After several years in the corporate world, adjusting to the academic rigor of college can be challenging. Developing effective study habits and time management skills is crucial. I am still struggling with that. 

The benefits of pursuing an MBA, especially as an experienced employee, are innumerable. Whether networking opportunities or career opportunities, I am getting the chance to meet an amazing group of people on a daily basis. 

Returning to college after six years in the corporate world is a brave and commendable decision that reflects a commitment to personal growth and professional advancement. While the journey may be challenging, the rewards are numerous, including expanded knowledge, enhanced career opportunities and personal fulfillment. It is a testament to the enduring human spirit of curiosity and the pursuit of excellence.  

Ultimately, the decision to return to college after a corporate hiatus represents a profound investment in my future, leading to a brighter and more promising tomorrow. I miss home all the time but I have friends who gives me hugs from time to time to make sure I am okay. You should never lose such friends. They make like easier. Especially when you are about to give up. Cheers to those friends and the amazing times ahead. 

Bio: Rupsha completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a Masters of Commerce in Finance. She was working at Fidelity for 6 years prior to joining UB as a full-time STEM MBA with Finance and Management Consulting as concentrations to enhance her leadership skills and expand her horizon. She works as student assistant in the Graduate Management Office in the UB School of Management.  

Rupsha was born in the City of Joy, Kolkata, India and was raised by beautiful parents, her father being a famous doctor in the city and mother is an amazing homemaker. Her joint family in India and has 30 members who stay together in her house back in her native city. Her father always supported her in every step of the way. Unfortunately, he passed away on her birthday 6 years ago. Rupsha is a bibliophile and is fascinated by the smell of new and old books. She is a national-level cricket player. Rupsha loves to drive and spend time with babies, as she finds being with them the best way to relax. Creating a balance between work life and personal life is what she believes in and wants to make sure that her work leaves impact in the values of the organization.

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