Quantitative Finance Track: The Inside Scoop 

Written by: Sayani Talukdar, MSF ‘24

My experience in the quantitative finance track is transformative and intellectually stimulating. Engaging in this rigorous track is equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of financial theories, mathematical models and data analysis techniques, and providing me with invaluable tools to navigate the complex landscape of the finance industry. 

Throughout the program, I am delving into a wide array of subjects, from derivatives and quantitative methods to financial modeling and complex financial instruments. The curriculum challenges me to apply mathematical and computational skills to real-world financial problems, fostering a deep appreciation for the power of quantitative methods in making informed investment decisions. 

One aspect that stands out is the hands-on experience with various tools and technologies used in the finance industry. Working with financial software, programming languages and databases allows me to gain practical skills and enhances my proficiency in handling financial data efficiently.  

We have multiple Bloomberg terminals available on campus so you can self-navigate through reports and learn commands that are pertinent to different job profiles within the finance industry. In multiple courses students are required to take part in trading challenges on real-world trading platforms. These experiences are instrumental in preparing me for a career where technology and data analytics play a crucial role. 

Moreover, the program encourages collaborative learning and critical thinking. Engaging in discussions, solving complex problems in teams and presenting research findings hones my communication and teamwork abilities. Interacting with professors and peers, who are experts in the field, provides invaluable insights and widens my perspective on quantitative finance. 

Exposure to industry professionals through workshops, seminars and networking events further enrich my experience. I am very fortunate to have professors who bring industry experts to speak on special topics. Learning from practitioners’ real-world experiences and hearing about the current trends and challenges in finance greatly influenced my career aspirations and goals. 

In conclusion, my journey in the quantitative finance track of the Masters of Science in Finance program is intellectually enriching and inspiring. The blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and exposure to the industry are preparing me to thrive in the dynamic and competitive world of finance. I am excited to apply what I have learned and contribute to the evolving landscape of quantitative finance in the future. 

Bio: Sayani was born in Kolkata, India. She was the first born to her parents. She grew up with a younger sister and in the loving presence of her grandparents. Sayani always loved mathematics and physics and went on to become an engineer.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Sayani embarked on a career with Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, gaining exposure to finance through her close liaison with the finance department. It was during this time that her interest in business and finance was sparked. She eventually got an MBA degree under her belt and worked as a treasury manager for three years subsequently. Working with a diverse range of securities nurtured her growing fascination in quantitative finance, which led her to further her studies in the same field at UB.

Outside of her professional journey, Sayani has a wide array of interests. She is a leisure swimmer, a reader of nonfiction, a fan of art films, and a digital art enthusiast. Music holds a special place in her heart as she enjoys singing. However, her greatest passion lies in exploring new places through travel.

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