Why I chose to be true blue

Written by Asmita Mukherjee, MSBA’23:  

Choosing a graduate program is a major life decision. Below are four reasons why I chose to invest in myself at the University at Buffalo.  

1. Scenic and affordable Buffalo. 

When you’re moving thousand miles away from home, wouldn’t you like to be in a place that welcomes you in the warmest possible way? Buffalo, notorious for its friendly residents and welcoming sense of community, is famously known as, “The city of good neighbors.”  

With super scenic surroundings, perfect foliage and the mystic Niagara Falls around the corner, Buffalo is the perfect pick for any travel enthusiast. While  most cities in New York State are known to be expensive, the city of Buffalo has a cost of living that is far lower than many parts of the United States – so you  save a lot! On top of everything else, Buffalo was named one of the fastest-growing startup cities in the United States. At the end of the day, we all want the best job for us, right?  

And, bonus,if you can beat the Buffalo cold, you’re prepared for the North Pole.  

2. The perfectly blended curriculum.  

Being a techy, I never wanted to leave the technical field. Working as a data analyst for the past four years at IBM in India, I am interested in what comes after I analyze the data and how  it effects the business. My goal is to contribute to making business-centric decisions. After looking into the UB program, I knew the MS in Business Analytics program was going to be the right fit for me with the amazing blend of technical and  managerial courses.  

When I first decided to take the leap towards the next phase of my life and  career,I hardly knew the exact subject or specialization to pursue. The University at Buffalo offers so many tracks and a huge choices of courses.  My career aspiration is to move to an entirely managerial position, but only when I have a good grip of the technical aspects of the field. Thus it was of utmost importance to be  strong enough technically to manage a technical team – and hence the tailor-made curriculum is the right fit for me.  

3. The approachable professors and admission team.  

I am a kind of person who judges every aspect and decision of my life thoroughly until I am more than  1000% sure of it. It was the same with my decision to pursue an MS in Business Analytics at UB. With each an  every matter, – from campus life, to subject choices, to career prospect s – you’ll never be out of resources,  suggestion and advice from UB. The entire admission team, my program director, Professor Sellitto, and my academic advisor had been super helpful and were never tired of my never ending doubts. And, guess what? You should always know, when you’re part of the UB community you can talk about any stress, exam pressure, self doubts, literally everything with your professors, and you’ll always be helped out. This makes UB the best choice for me, ever. 

4. Overall best return on investment. 

In addition to the above mentioned factors, the UB MS in Business Analytics offers extremely affordable tuition and fees, and and a one- year, 30 credit-hour program. This makes UB a perfect  choice for students of mid- to senior-level who wish to boost their career but don’t want to take a long career break.  

Though the course work may seem exhausting at times, know that you’ll make through it. If I can land a position that I want with comparable or higher pay, why would I spend more on the tuition when I can achieve the same world -class course delivery from an internationally renowned university? I made the smart move to join the UB Bulls’ family, and this was my best decision ever. 

BIO – Asmita was born in Kolkata, India. She lived with her parents, her extremely protective and kind elder sister, and her little cat. She grew up as a shy kid – unless she realized there is a big world around for her to explore and how much she is capable of achieving. She is an organ donor and loves to do charity and voluntary work. She is a true believer in equality and passionately works hard towards justice. She was honored to have a great environment at work, where she was offered new challenges, roles, and opportunities that made her grow as an individual and eventually develop leadership skills. The key to her success so far was the zeal to learn more. Her interest in analytics grew at work and working with business leaders on a daily basis, which imbibed her interest to learn the skills required to make a business decision and drive the organization further. This made her land at UB for her master’s program in Business Analytics. Asmita loves to pet animals, meet new people, and hike. When not at school, you can find her petting cats, and dogs, or, backpacking for exploring new places. Taking time out for off-work activities helps her to recharge and perform better, be it at school, or at work. 

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