Five tips for managing Buffalo winters

Written by Gandhali Barve, MS Finance ’22:  

Coming from a tropical country, I had never experienced extreme cold weather in my life. But after surviving two winter seasons in Buffalo, I would like to share few tips on how to manage Buffalo winters. 

  1. Invest in sweaters and a snow jacket. 

The temperature sometimes goes down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit during extreme cold days and you will require a good snow jacket to keep you warm. Stock up your wardrobe with several colorful sweaters because you need them for almost 8 months! Thermal wear was always a rescue for me. It hugs your body and keeps you warm. I used to wear thermal wear beneath my sweater to tackle the cold winds. Layering is the key to survival in Buffalo! Wear multiple layers starting with thermal wear you are good to go!  

  1. Make sure you have good snow accessories. 

Invest in good boots so that you can walk comfortably in the snow. The boots should be waterproof, insulated and should have a good grip as the roads become very slippery, and Humpty Dumpty might have a great fall!  

Many times, you will not feel sensations in your hands. Get some good snow gloves and a snow hat too. The goal is to expose as little skin as possible. Also, there are chances of getting frostbitten and windburn. Yes, you read it right, snow will burn your skin!  

  1. Hail moisturizers! 

Make moisturizer your best pal in Buffalo. Applying moisturizer is a must and is applicable to men as well. The skin becomes so dry that it starts flaking. Make this a habit to protect your skin. Also, get some good lip balms as you might get cut on your lips if you are not moisturizing and taking care of your skin. 

  1. Enjoy warm food. 

The dip in temperature accompanied by cold winds, not only forces us to put on more clothes but also makes us eat more. Drink hot beverages to keep yourself warm and eat high- calorie food as cold weather makes your body temperature drop; you feel an urge to eat more! The body fights hard to keep itself warm so it requires more calories to produce more energy. Do not forget to hydrate yourself. People generally tend to drink less water in winter, which leads to dehydration. This problem is quite common during winters. The drying heat of room heaters and layers of clothes also makes our body dehydrated.  

  1. Exercise your body and your mind. 

Do not go into hibernation and wait till spring to get back outside. Exercise is good for your body and mind, no matter the time of year. During winter, exercise can help ward off the blues, boost energy, and prevent unwanted weight if you find yourself more sedentary. And getting out of the house to work out can be extra mood-lifting too. 

At finally, you don’t always want to escape the snow. Winters here at Buffalo bring along great fun, too. Explore coffee shops around, warm up at the fireplace, go skiing, skating, sledding, tubing, and whatnot! I hear “Buffalo owns winters” and you do not want to miss out on the ice skating at Canalside or the breathtaking view of Niagara Falls during winters. 

I wish you an amazing and wonderful winter stay here at Buffalo! 

BIO – Gandhali is from Mumbai, India, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a specialization in Banking and Insurance from the University of Mumbai and a master’s degree in Finance from ITM Business School, Mumbai. Gandhali is a graduate of the UB MS Finance program specializing in risk management. Prior to UB she worked for the Bombay Stock Exchange – Asia’s oldest stock exchange – as an Assistant Manager in the Trade- Surveillance Department. 

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