4 reasons I chose UB MS accounting program

Written by Dana Scofield, MSA ’22: 

I was a previous student in the BS in Accounting program at UB and had the advantage of knowing a majority of the professors already. Having those prior relationships and connections made it easier to transition into the MS program. I also had the advantage of knowing a lot of my peers who would also be joining the MS program at UB.  

Being a part of a class that you already know and can lean on confidently when you need the help was such a great benefit. However, these were not the only reasons I chose to attend the MS in Accounting program at UB. A few more include: 

  1. The prestige. The UB MS in Accounting program, and the Accounting and Law Department, is very respected. This is especially true with the Big 4 accounting firms and many of the local mid-size and small firms in Buffalo. When I made the decision to attend UB for the Master’s, it didn’t even cross my mind that I would struggle to find a job after graduation. Something that speaks to this prestige is that our class is at a 100% employment rate prior to graduating. To me, that is a very impressive statistic and goes to show that the program is a great opportunity for job security. 
  1. The professors. I previously stated that I had the opportunity of knowing the professors prior to joining the MS in Accounting program, however this was truly one of the main reasons why I joined the program. The professors at the undergraduate level genuinely cared for not only your academic growth, but also your growth as a professional. They are also always open to connecting and discussing any issues you may have and they provide excellent advice. I believe the professors are one of the programs’ greatest assets. 
  1. The size. This was one of my reasons for coming to UB as an undergraduate student as well, but for the opposite reason. When I first came to UB, I came because it was so large. I come from a small town where I graduated high school with about 50 students. I wanted a change and UB was a drastic— but perfect—change for me. However, this is not the case for the MS in Accounting program. The program doesn’t have a large student body which makes creating connections with your professors and peers much easier.  
  1. The location. Buffalo is a beautiful city. It is filled with people with a burning passion for what it is known for, like the Buffalo Bills and its long history. Buffalo provides many unique activities to do such as Canalside, concerts at KeyBank Center, botanical gardens, and so much more – way too many to mention in this blogpost! Of course, it has its snow and its wind like any other Upstate NY city, but it truly is a great place to live. 

BIO – Dana Scofield is from a small town near Syracuse, New York. Their family had cows, chickens, horses, dogs, and cats. Though they grew up in the country, they are a city person and want to move to New York City. A recent graduate of MS Accounting program, Dana recently interned with KeyBank in their internal audit department and accepted a full time offer upon graduation the master’s program. Some of their interests include volleyball and hiking with friends, as well as relaxing on the weekends with their two cats.  

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