Tips for managing culture shock and forging long-lasting friendships at UB

Written by Gandhali Barve, MS Finance ’22:

My introduction to UB was no less than a culture shock. Different people, different activities and different cultures! Since then, I have been exploring whatever I can to experience different cultures here at UB, and I believe I can share some tips for managing the culture shock and also forging long-lasting friendships.

Being a grad student and someone who loves making friends, I was thrilled to start and explore what UB has to offer. I can surely say being humble and helping others is one tip that will help you understand other cultures, as well as help others understand yours. Obviously, there were times when I was homesick but what helped me pass through was the excitement to explore and make new friends. I would simply suggest going and talking to someone, it might end up in a long-lasting friendship.

The more you want to experience, the more UB has to offer. There are plenty of cultural events that take place all year long and the best advice I would give is to go to as many of them as possible! I have always loved the Oozefest and International Fiesta. No matter which country you are from, with hundreds of clubs and hubs, there IS something for everyone.

Moreover, I believe having an open mind is most beneficial especially when you are experiencing too much of a culture shock, which may be due to being around different people speaking different languages or maybe due to a craving for your favorite food which you can’t find. Well, food! That’s something to talk about. UB’s One World has been my new go-to place for all my Indian food cravings and do not forget Student Union for all the Fast & Furious Food!

I can only say, “Give yourself some time,” everything will EVENTUALLY fall into place, and you will start to love what’s around you. I had thought of slowly moving into the UB culture, but I guess fate had different plans for me. A handful of amazing friends (whom I don’t think I can leave or can live without!) and a plethora of acquaintances have always ensured I enjoyed a great time being here at UB.

At last, I just want to close with an open-ended question: Where else will YOU BE (UB), if not here?

Bio: Gandhali is from Mumbai, India, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a specialization in Banking and Insurance from the University of Mumbai and a master’s degree in Finance from ITM Business School, Mumbai. Gandhali is a graduate of the UB MS Finance program specializing in risk management. Prior to UB she worked for the Bombay Stock Exchange – Asia’s oldest stock exchange – as an Assistant Manager in the Trade- Surveillance Department.

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