The Benefits of Bizlink

Written by: Jacob Fox, MBA ’22

When I was first introduced to Bizlink, UB School of Management’s online career management system operated by the Career Resource Center (CRC), I didn’t know what to expect.  I was familiar with websites that touted job postings and boasted about their ability to help prospects land jobs. I had often been disappointed by their offerings, and they rarely led to much success. On many of these platforms I would be competing with experienced professionals, which was disheartening. I quickly learned that Bizlink was different.   

Bizlink is a tool specifically designed to help UB students gain access to employers who are looking for skilled professionals to fulfill internship positions, part-time and full-time jobs, and remote working opportunities. Used correctly, Bizlink is a powerful tool that can open the doors to great career opportunities for any student regardless of previous work experience.  

When I started using the platform early in my career at UB, it quickly became my “hub” for success. The platform allowed me to select specific areas I was interested in, browse customized job and internship postings from across the country, and apply to these postings in simple steps. Students can search by employer, job title, or location. They can also easily upload cover letters, resumes, and other important documents onto the website for future use. The best thing about Bizlink is that it connects students to employers who specifically chose the platform to find talented candidates from UB. The jobs available on Bizlink are only available to other UB students! 

Another benefit of the platform is how integrated it is with the UB ecosystem. The platform can be used to register for upcoming events like career fairs and schedule coaching meetings with career advisors on anything from resume critique to interview prep. It can also be used to track your hours for fulfilling internship requirements.   

Bizlink has been crucial for helping me find the right career opportunities. It is a powerful tool but its usefulness depends on your ability to leverage its vast resources. Here are two things you can do to better leverage Bizlink in your career search: 

Start Early: Log in to Bizlink and create your profile early in your time at UB. There is no need to wait for someone from the Career Resource Center to send reminders for you to start using the platform. The most successful students I know were also the first ones to get on boarded and familiarized with the platform and its many features.  

Use it Often: It’s not enough to create a profile and wish that the right jobs will find you. Although the platform has great customizability, it is still a tool and like any tool, its effectiveness depends on your ability to wield it. I made checking Bizlink a part of my weekly schedule and dedicated a portion of my time to exploring opportunities on it regularly.  

Bizlink has innumerable resources for students interested in improving their chances of landing their dream job. I’ve made countless appointments regarding jobs, career advice, networking opportunities, and resume and cover letter help using the platform. I even landed an internship using the platform! If you are interested in having a successful career search while at UB, I strongly advise downloading the Bizlink app and using the immense resources available at the CRC as much as possible.  

Bio – Jacob was born and raised in Northern New York. He is from a small town. His high school graduating class had just 21 students. Jacob earned his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Cortland with a major in sports management. He is currently pursuing a full-time MBA from the University at Buffalo to launch his career and expand his network. He enjoys meeting people and in his free time, enjoys watching sports and orchestrating his own competitive custom scoring fantasy sport leagues. He especially enjoys watching the Boston Celtics, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Chargers during their respective seasons. After UB, he looks forward to working in the financial or investments side of a business.  

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  1. Great to hear that! I used Bizlink tools during my college years and they were very helpful to me.

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