Why is UB’s 3+2 MBA program a great choice

Written by: Seth Blum, MBA ’23 

My name is Seth Blum, a Buffalo native and a member of the School of Management MBA Class of 2023. My first semester has been a wonderful experience. I have conquered many exciting challenges, met numerous people, and learned a lot about myself and business. I am currently 21 years old and one of the few 3/2 BS/MBA students that comprise our talented class. I want to share my experiences and why I chose the 3/2 program at the University at Buffalo. 

If you are reading this, then you are probably interested in the idea of pursuing an MBA. I decided to pursue an MBA for the knowledge and the future career benefits. Business has always been a passion, and I knew it was the right major for me. Leadership is also a passion of mine, and I always knew I wanted to get my MBA. I have come to realize an MBA is a master’s in management and leadership, just as much as it is a master’s in business. 

As an undergraduate studying business administration concentrating in finance, I gained a solid understanding. Still, I wanted to learn much more before heading into the workforce and I knew an MBA was the perfect program for that. Also, there are many career benefits, including higher career earnings and better chances at leadership positions where you can truly make an impact. Of course, earning more money right out of school is fantastic, but I also knew I wanted to be in a managing role as soon as possible and I believe that getting my MBA sooner than later would assist in that. In addition, getting your MBA through the 3/2 path makes economic sense! I am now able to eliminate a year of school and save money in the process. 

From professors to the Career Resource Center, all the faculty make students truly feel welcome and are always there to help. In addition, the school offers tutoring for classes and resources to help students network and connect with potential internships and employers. It continuously develops programs to help further students’ skills like LeaderCORE or Corporate Champions. I am genuinely grateful to be surrounded by such a unique and supportive community within the School of Management. 

If you are currently an undergraduate student and considering becoming a 3/2 MBA student,  I strongly recommend pursuing your MBA at the University at Buffalo. Even though I have only finished my first of four semesters within the program, I can share what to expect in your first semester. 

Most importantly, you will meet tons of new people from all different walks of life. As one of the youngest students in the program, I have met and become friends with people from different countries, educational backgrounds, and all at different points within their lives. You will also be learning and working a ton. Don’t worry though, the courses you take the first semester are mostly courses you are already familiar with from undergrad. There is a lot of work, but it is different from what you have ever experienced as an undergrad. In the MBA program, you have a team of about five people, you all share the same class schedule, and most of the work is group based. You will get very close with this group and learn a lot about yourself within a group dynamic. 

I can confidently say pursuing my MBA has been the best decision I have made. If you consider doing the 3/2 program and I have not yet convinced you, I am happy to speak with you and answer your questions and discuss your concerns. You can reach out to me via my email Siblum@buffalo.edu or if you see me on campus, introduce yourself! 

Bio – Seth Blum is a first year MBA student at UB School of Management with a dual concentration in finance and consulting. In addition to being a student ambassador, Seth is also the Director of Finance for the Graduate Management Association (GMA). He is an avid basketball fan (his favorite team are the Boston Celtics), enjoys going to the gym, reading, and spending time with friends and family. He also spends his free time running his ‘side-hustle,’ a recreational sports league for college students. 

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