My experience with clubs at UB

Written by: Sean Matuszewski, MS ’22 

Getting yourself out there is the name of the game! At UB, there are plenty of options to get to know and learn from others. Available to both Undergraduate and Graduate students, there are a plethora of business fraternities and clubs to take part in. During my time at UB, I have had the pleasure of being a part of the UB Equity Research Group as well as the UB Financial Management Association. From weekly in-person meetings to online zoom calls and events, both clubs solidified my love of the field of finance.  

These student-run and managed groups, which are just a few of those offered at UB, are a supplement to what we learn in class. By bringing together brilliant minds from around the school, clubs allowed me to have intimate discussions with other students on everything from hot financial topics, personal finance, and career preparation.  Participation in clubs is also an excellent way to beef up your resume. They offer individualized programs, online courses, and workshops that helped me gain valuable skills. I leveraged those skills and experiences on my resume to establish myself as a well-rounded business individual with potential employers. Without these opportunities, I don’t believe my resume would be where it is today.  

Valuable networking opportunities, both in person and via online platforms like LinkedIn, are also an important reason why students should participate in these forums. Clubs offer the chance to listen and learn from guest speakers who are very well established in their fields and can become a network connection and a great source of inspiration for any student.  

By taking on an active leadership role with a club, students can further hone their management skills while gaining access to mentors, coaches, and faculty from various fields. As the Secretary of the Financial Management Association, I was able to develop my network, meet new people, and work closely with other passionate individuals who taught me a lot. Having a say in shaping the future of a student-run club is a big responsibility and a great steppingstone to more complex and demanding leadership roles in the future.  

My participation in clubs allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and talk with classmates I would have never connected with otherwise. It gave me a chance to discover other like-minded individuals with whom I could collaborate on projects, rely on for advice, form study groups and learn from. Many of the people I met while participating in clubs have now become close friends that I hope to stay in touch with long-term.  

Participating in clubs opened many doors for me. It’s a win-win situation and I encourage every student to participate. It will be the best experience of your UB career!  

Bio – Sean was born and raised in Buffalo. He earned his Bachelors’ degree in Finance from the University at Buffalo in 2021. 
Sean is currently pursuing a Master’s in Finance degree from the University at Buffalo to continue expanding his knowledge in Finance. Continuing from Undergraduate studies, Sean has held leadership positions and is active in UB clubs. Most recently, he served as Secretary of the UB Financial Management Association. 
In his free time, Sean is an outdoors enthusiast. From spending time at his cabin to summiting mountains in the Adirondacks, Sean loves all-season outdoor adventures. After UB, Sean hopes to pursue working for a financial corporation. 

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