Why I chose the UB MS MIS Program

Written by: Priyesh Ranjan, MS MIS ‘22 

I have always been fascinated with technology and how it can transform lives on such a global scale.  My career decisions have been towards achieving that very goal and contributing to the cause as much as possible.  

Studying abroad is a big decision for many and it was no different for me. Before coming to UB for my master’s degree, I was working as a consultant for Oracle. Our clientele included major banks across the world. As a technical consultant, I collaborated with our clients and customized our proprietary kernel application as per business requirements and implemented the customized product in their IT ecosystem to flawlessly carry out different banking operations. Working on different phases of the development and implementation of this application/product for about 4 years piqued my interest in   managing a product and seeing how data and insights can be used to improve or build even better products. 

Given my interests and career goal, I started looking into different curriculums of MS-MIS of different schools. UB seemed to meet my list of must-haves. UB allows one to structure their curriculum to their career goals and interests, unlike many other schools where the curriculum is not as flexible.  

UB has electives such as Digital Product Management, Tech and Innovation Management, Data Visualizations, etc. which are great for those (like me) who are planning to make a transition towards product management. Furthermore, it has many other courses (either part of core courses or electives) such as Database Management Systems, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Analytics, etc., that strengthens one’s data acumen, which is a prized skill to possess other than the core skills related to any role. 

In addition to a very robust curriculum, UB has one of the best ROI among all private and public universities offering MS-MIS programs which made my decision to study here even easier and one that I am glad I made. 

As I am writing these words, the beautiful snowfall outside seems like a fitting conclusion to an eventful Fall semester. Time to take a break and recharge myself for the final ride. 

Bio – Priyesh was born in Bihar, India. He earned his bachelor’s degree from National Institute of Technology, Silchar in Assam, India, with major in Electrical Engineering. He is currently pursuing Master’s in Management Information Systems from University at Buffalo to build his management skills and expand his professional network.  In his free time, he loves to explore the beautiful world of music. After UB, Priyesh plans to pursue his dream of managing and building products in tech. 

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