Who We Are

The Veterans Business Association (VBA) at the UB School of Management is a select group of Veterans and current service members who are pursuing MBAs. As a tight knit organization, we come together to provide student service members with exclusive career resources, alumni mentorship, support, and real world organizational leadership experience to enhance their career opportunities.

Within the School of Management, our leadership and discipline serve to drive up standards and demonstrate the “I will never quit” attitude our military backgrounds taught us. When the school day is concluded, we strive to be first to hoist our drinks in salutation!

Our motto “Bona Fide”  is short and to the point and represents the sincerity, professionalism and candor we delivered as service members and the attributes we bring the the classroom and boardroom alike.

Please feel free to reach out to to our members through the members page or the contacts page. Hope to hear from you soon.

Bona Fide