Lourdes Vera


Lourdes Vera is an assistant professor in the Departments of Sociology and Environment and Sustainability at UB. As an environmental sociologist and civic scientist, she works with communities living near oil and gas development to monitor their air for contaminants. She also serves on the coordinating committee of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, envisioning and building digital tools and research infrastructures for environmental data justice. Her interdisciplinary work spans environmental science, social science, and critical theory with articles appearing in Atmospheric Environment, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, and Mobilization.

Recent publications

Vera, Lourdes, Garance Malivel, Drew Michanowicz, Choong-Min Kang, and Sara Wylie. 2020. “Photopaper as a Tool for Community-level Monitoring of Industrially Produced Hydrogen Sulfide and Corrosion.” Air Sensors International Conference Special Issue. Atmospheric Environment: X 5:100049.

Vera, Lourdes, Dawn Walker, Michelle Murphy, Becky Mansfield, Ladan Mohamed Siad, Jessica Ogden, and the Environmental and Data Governance Initiative. 2019. “When Data Justice and Environmental Justice Meet: Formulating a Response to Extractive Logic through Environmental Data Justice.” Data Justice Special Issue. Information, Communication, and Society 22(7): 1012-1028.

Vera, Lourdes, Lindsey Dillon, Sara Wylie, Jennifer Liss Ohayon, Aaron Lemelin, Phil Brown, Christopher Sellers, Dawn Walker, and The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative. 2018. “Data Resistance: A Social Movement Organizational Autoethnography of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative.” Protesting Trump Special Issue. Mobilization: An International Quarterly 23(4): 511-529.

Wylie, Sara, Elisabeth Wilder, Lourdes Vera, Deborah Thomas, Megan McLaughlin. 2018. “Materializing Exposure: Developing Methods for Visualizing Environmental Hazards of Unconventional Energy.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society no. 3: 426-463.