Poster Submission

The purpose of the Poster Session is to facilitate interaction and discussion among all conference participants and attendees. We encourage all participants to participate in the poster session, including college faculty, high school teachers and their students, current college students, as well as community partners!

The poster session will provide participants and attendees with an opportunity to interact with other students, faculty members, community partners, and teachers in their field of interest. We will also include small interactive demonstrations during this session that will provide participants with the opportunity to demonstrate curricular tools that they utilize within their courses. The Poster Presentations will be scheduled during the lunch session.

The abstracts submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. EST on June 20th!

All accepted poster abstracts presentations will be:

  • Included in the Conference Final Program (including abstract title and authors); and
  • Published online for attendee access (including abstract title, content, authors, and PDF file of poster).

Please consider participating in this great event and becoming an integral part of the “Enhancing the STEM Pipeline through Bioinformatics and Genomics” Conference.

Poster Presentation Topics:

We want to encourage the exchange of ideas about bioinformatics/genomics curricula, as well as activities that cross disciplinary boundaries. Bioinformatics has only recently been integrated into high school and undergraduate teaching and learning programs, and as such there have been limited opportunities to discuss learning approaches and curricular innovations within bioinformatics/genomics. We are particularly interested in learning about approaches that allow students to work with real scientific data and tools, and to make connections between what they are studying and the problems their families and communities are facing.

We are interested in posters that would cover one or more of the following topics:

  1. Bioinformatics/Genomics activities and curricular innovations within K-12, undergraduate, graduate levels, the life sciences, and health care;
  2. Bioinformatics/Genomics approaches that allow students to work with real scientific data and tools;
  3. Activities/approaches that make connections between what students are studying within Bioinformatics/Genomics and the problems their families and communities are facing;
  4. Innovative approaches and tools that bring Bioinformatics/Genomics to k-12 and/or undergraduate education.
  5. Inter-professional and community-based projects that enhance the Bioinformatics/Genomics Workforce Pipeline;
  6. Partnership or Professional Development opportunities,  including curricular tools, and/or research activities within Bioinformatics/Genomics.

Please Note: You must be registered for the conference in order to present your poster at the Conference.