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  • Revised July, 2005: Farsi/


  • Patient History Questionnaire
  • Clinical Exam Form
  • Revised Exam Commands
  • Exam Specifications
  • Diagnostic Criteria
  • Axis II Scoring
  • Patient Results Summary

Translation Team Members


  • Gholamreza M. Tafaghodie, Iran
  • Marc Schmitter, University of Heidelberg
  • Omid Janloo, Clarksville, MD, US
  • Richard Ohrbach, University at Buffalo

Comments Regarding this Instrument

  • This translated instument has been used in at least one published study. No information is available regarding the validity of this instrument.


  •  Not available in digital form

Stage Completed

  • Independent Back-translation
  • Independent Review
  • Cultural Equivalency
  • Field-testing
  • Validation
  • Published