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  • Revised April, 2004: Dutch


  • Patient History Questionnaire
  • Clinical Exam Form
  • Revised Exam Commands
  • Exam Specifications
  • Diagnostic Criteria
  • Axis II Scoring
  • Patient Results Summary

Translation Team Members


  • Anna Lou van Os-Ravesloot
  • Richard Ohrbach, University at Buffalo

Comments Regarding this Instrument

  • The following should be cited in the use of this instrument:
    Lobbezoo F, van Selms MKA, John MT, Huggins K, Ohrbach R, Visscher CM, van der Zaag J, van der Meulen M, Naeije M, Dworkin SF (2005). Use of the Research Diagnostic Criteria for temporomandibular disorders for multinational research: Translation efforts and reliability assessments in the Netherlands. J Orofac Pain 19: 301-308.


  •  Not available in digital form

Stage Completed

  • Independent Back-translation
  • Independent Review
  • Cultural Equivalency
  • Field-testing
  • Validation
  • Published