The Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD), edited by Samuel F Dworkin and Linda LeResche, was published in 1992 in The Journal of Craniomandibular Disorders, Facial & Oral Pain (now: Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache).  No digital version of that publication is presently freely available. The core properties, including specifications, instruments, and recording forms have been revised and updated since 1992 by a number of individuals, and tINfORM provides the most current “official” version of the protocol.


Many translated versions of the RDC/TMD were created through the intense efforts by a large number of individuals after 1992.  Although these translations have been largely replaced by those of the DC/TMD, INfORM continues to provide these instruments for reference.

Training and Examiner Reliability Studies

Video training materials specific to the RDC/TMD were developed to help the individual with the clinical examination and the patient interview but they are no longer available.  The development of new materials relevant to the DC/TMD is encouraged. Self-study guidelines for the DC/TMD examination as well as description of supervised skill development is described in further detail elsewhere on this website.

Document Date Download
University of Washington Axis I & Axis II Booklet (formatting updated 2011; exam item numbers corrected 2015) 11/08/2016 Open
Patient History Questionnaire 8/4/2007 Open
PHQ: Demographics (only) 8/4/2007 Open
PHQ: GCPS (only) 8/4/2007 Open
PHQ: Jaw function checklist (only) 8/4/2007 Open
Axis II Scoring Rules 8/4/2007 Open
Text Revision of RDC/TMD Examiner Specifications 7/10/2005 Open
Examiner Form (non-numbered; two-page format) 8/4/2007 Open