DC-TMD Translations

Download links for completed translations are on this page temporarily; more formal pages will be developed as part of overall website development.  If a download link is not provided, the translation has not been completed; status of the translation and last date of updating are shown.  Please contact the team leader(s) if interested in knowing more about a DC/TMD translation.

Language Translation Team Leader(s) Contact email Translation Status (date updated) Translation Package (zip)
Arabic Mohammad Al-Harithy m_alharithy@hotmail.com Administrative review (April 2019)
(short form)
Kai-Yuan Fu
Adrian Yap
kqkyfu@bjmu.edu.cn Completed (July 2016); revised instrument footers (Nov 2017) Open Download
Croatian Visnja Katic
Stjepan Špalj
visnja.katic@gmail.com Forward translation (July 2018)
(Arabic dialect, Morocco)
Meriem El m Daghri;
Andoh Abderrahman
michamedar@gmail.com External Review  (October 2016)
Danish Karina Bendixen karina.bendixen@odontologi.au.dk External Review  (May 2016)
Dutch Wendy Knibbe
Frank Lobbezoo
w.knibbe@acta.nl Completed (June 2016); revised instrument footers  (Oct 2017) Open Download
Estonian Ülle Voog-Oras ylle.Voog@kliinikum.ee Forward Translation (June 2016)
Farsi Zibandeh Balke zbalke@yahoo.de Administrative review (March 2019)
Finnish Tuija Suvinen
Kirsi Sipilä
tuijasuvi@hotmail.com Completed (Dec 2016); revised instrument footers (Dec 2017) Open Download
French Jean-Paul Goulet Jean-Paul.Goulet@fmd.ulaval.ca Completed (September 2018)  Open  Download
German Anne Asendorf Lydia Eberhard Anne.Asendorf@med.uni-heidelberg.de
Completed (December 2018)  Open  Download
Greek Michail Koutris
Petros Koidis
mkoutris@gmail.com Back translation (August 2016)
Hebrew Shoshana Reiter
Ephraim Winocur
shoshana.reiter@gmail.com Completed (January 2018)  Open  Download
Hindi Mohit Kothari mohkot@rm.dk External Review  (September 2018)
Hungarian István Somoskövi somoskovi.istvan@pte.hu Completed (September 2017)  Open Download
Indonesian Carolina Marpung
Enrita Dian
mayaasido@gmail.com External Review completed (February 2018)
Italian Ambra Michelotti
Marzia Segù
michelot@unina.it Completed (Mar 2017); revised instrument footers  (Oct 2017); revision see FAQ (July 2018) Open  Download
Japanese Hirofumi Yatani yatani@dent.osaka-u.ac.jp Completed (revised July 18, 2016); complete package forthcoming January 2017 Open
Korean Jin-Woo Chung
Ji Woon Park
jwchung@snu.ac.kr External Review  (August 2016)
Malaysian Kathreena Kadir drkathreena@gmail.com Administrative review (February 2019)
Nepali Sushil Koirala skoirala@vedicsmile.com Progress stalled; team available for new members (June 2016)
Norwegian Asbjorn Jokstad asbjorn.jokstad@uit.no Completed (April 2019)  Open  Download
Polish Magdalena Osiewicz osiewicz.magdalena@gmail.com Back translation (January 2017)
Portuguese (Brasil) Francisco Pereira
Daniela Gonçalves
External Review completed  (March 2019)
Portuguese (Port) Carlos Faria carlosfaria@med.up.pt Completed (September 2018)  Open  Download
Romanian Dani Talmaceanu dani.talmaceanu@gmail.com Beginning (March 2014)
Slovenian Ksenija Rener-Sitar ksenija.rener@mf.uni-lj.si Back Translation (June 2016)
Spanish Yoly Gonzalez
Eduardo Castrillon
Juan Ferrnando Oyarzo
Completed (November 2018)  Open  Download
Swedish Thomas List thomas.list@mah.se Completed (June 2016) Open Download
Thai Phanomportm Vanichanon;
Daraporn Saelee
vphanomp@chula.ac.th Administrative review (April 2019)
Turkish Serkan Polat drserkanpolat@gmail.com Completed (July 2016); revised instrument footers (Oct 2017) Open Download
Vietnamese Nguyen Anh Tuan tuannguyenrhm@gmail.com Back Translation (June 2016)