Handbook of Symptom Research: Online interactive textbook on clinical symptom research; see especially the chapter on TMD treatment trials (posted 2006).

AADR TMD Policy Statement Revision: Summary recommendations for TMD evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment; approved by the AADR Council 3/3/2010 (posted February 2011).

TMJ MRI calibration:  This is a self-instructing calibration program of images of the TMJ from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the end of the program a comparison is made of your diagnoses with expert opinions based on the article: Web-based calibration of observers using MRI of the temporomandibular joint.  Hellén-Halme K, Hollender L, Janda M, Petersson A.  Dentomaxillofac Radiol 2012; 41, 656–661.  (posted February 2014)