Current Officers

President Chris Peck Sydney, Australia
President-elect Justin Durham Newcastle, England
US Bank Liaison
Karen Raphael New York City, US
Secretary/Treasurer Michail Koutris Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Immediate Past President Frank Lobbezoo Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Committees and Chairs

Translations and Protocols Develops guidelines for formal translation of scientific instruments; facilitates, reviews, and approves translations. Richard Ohrbach  Buffalo, US
Examiner Training and Reliability Develops standards and conducts examiner training, calibration, and reliability studies. Per Alstergren Malmo, Sweden
Data Management Corine Visscher, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Nomination  Selection of candidates and election of new officers for the president-elect and secretary-treasurer positions.  Thomas List, Malmo, Sweden


Governance Review, update, and develop the Consortium by-laws as the aims and objectives evaluate through the vision of the stakeholders with the advancement and accumulation of new knowledge. Jean-Paul Goulet, Quebec City, Canada
Communication Manages the Consortium website. Richard Ohrbach, Buffalo, US
Taxonomy Mark Drangsholt, Seattle, US; Don Nixdorf, Minneapolis, US

Full list of Committee Memberships