EPPIC provides clinically proven treatments that can relieve pelvic pain and bladder problems in patients with even the most severe and disabling symptoms.

EPPIC is based on cutting-edge research that has resulted in a better understanding of what causes chronic pelvic pain.

EPPIC provides individuals with simple lifestyle strategies that relieve symptoms.

EPPIC study goals aim to demonstrate the short- and long-term benefit of lifestyle strategies, why they work and identify those most likely to achieve symptom relief.

EPPIC emphasizes home-based treatments, which means you will come to the clinic for only 4 treatment visits. All office visits are centrally located at the University at Buffalo Behavioral Medicine Clinic at 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

Non-invasive, diagnostic assessment – free of charge

Home-based drug-free treatment with limited clinic visits – free of charge

Payment for time and contribution to the study