The Pathology & Anatomical Sciences departmental graduate student association (PAS GSA) is open to all graduate students within the department of PAS and those that have an interest in the research our department undertakes. The GSA was established in 2017 in response to growing support for the graduate students in the department, and has continued its activity since, hosting guest speakers for seminars, working with the department for career information, and arranging for social events and networking. The PAS GSA seeks to maintain open lines of communication with the department graduate students for future event and activity planning.

The PAS department research interests can be broken down into 3 separate categories: cell biology, pathology, and anatomy. Briefly, the main focuses of the cell biology research in the department are: cellular mechanical signalling in disease, genetic dysregulation in neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration, and neuroimmunology as it relates to chronic neuropathic pain and mental illness. The main focus of the pathology research in the department is the use of computational tools such as deep learning and traditional machine learning techniques to classify, and quantify digital histology structures. Finally, the focus of the anatomy research in the department uses anatomical modelling from radiological data, and the use of simulated technologies such as finite element analysis for biomechanics simulations and material property testing. The vision is to connect data from all levels of research to truly understand disease and biology ‘From Atoms to Anatomy!’

For more information on the department, the research, or the faculty and staff please visit the department website here.