Purpose and mission

The purpose of the Computational Sciences Club is to bring together students who do computational studies in UB, to share their research perspectives, organize seminars/workshops, promote collaboration, and nurture awareness in job market. This club is an excellent platform to share information on computational tools, engage discussion on available resources at UB, and learn state-of-the-art computational tools across different disciplines in science and engineering.



The primary objective of the group is to maximize the interaction between graduate students working in computational science fields. This is done by having many forms of gathering spread throughout the academic year. This club gives an opportunity to learn new computational tools, enhance existing computational skills, share research ideas, and promote collaboration. 



Enthusiastic members are our biggest strength. We invite all of you to become a member, and contribute, share, and learn skills and knowledge from variety of computational fields. Sign up below!

Johannes Hachmann
Faculty Advisor

Aditya Sonpal

Preshit Abhyankar
Vice President

Gaurav Vishwakarma

Ameya Burde

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Founding Board Members

Nikhil Paliwal
Secretary and Webmaster



Hachmann Research Group

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering

New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics

Center for Computational Research

Center for Unified Biometrics Sensors

Graduate Students’ Association


Contact Us

We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to send us your requests for organizing talks/workshops on the topics that interests you.



Contact Info

Aditya Sonpal, President
Office: 205 Furnas Hall
Email: adityaso@buffalo.edu

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