University at Buffalo


PI: Dr. Mishaela DiNino, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Jenna Crowell

Jenna is the Lab Manager and is a second-year AuD student at the University at Buffalo. In terms of research interest, she is possibly leaning towards tinnitus research at some point. In the future, Jenna is interested in working more with older adults and older populations in a clinical setting. In her free time, Jenna likes to read. Her favorite book of 2023 was Yellowface by R.F. Kuang!

Jalaina Groncki

Jalaina received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Elmira College. She is currently a second-year AuD student. Post graduate school she would like to work in a children’s hospital as a pediatric audiologist. In her free time, she likes to read, spend time with friends and family, drink iced coffee and go shopping. A little fun fact about Jalaina is that she is on the University at Buffalo Cheerleading team!

Alexandra Stone

Alexandra is a second-year Audiology student hoping to work in pediatrics in a hospital or ENT office. She really enjoys research, however, and hopes to continue to work on it post-grad, as well. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, and spending time with her cats. She also loves to travel and hopes to work in a different country someday! 

Juliet Stuber

Juliet got her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2021 from the University at Buffalo. Currently, she is a third-year student in the Doctor of Audiology program. She is really interested in Cochlear Implant research on adults and on children, although her ultimate career goal is to work in a pediatrics office, helping children hear for the first time. Fun fact – she is left handed!

Peyton Schill

Peyton is a third-year Audiology graduate student.

Sarah Alhorebi

Sarah is a third-year Audiology graduate student.

Taylor Harden

Taylor is a third-year Audiology graduate student.

Undergraduate Students

Sophia Brown

Sophia is currently a second year Psychology student. She hopes to attend graduate school in the future, although she is still undecided on what she will be studying. She enjoys spending her time in nature, attending concerts, and traveling!

Elizabeth Fish

Elizabeth is a junior double major in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She wants to go to grad school to be an audiologist or to do a dual AuD/PhD, but is still undecided. She have a lot of different research interests but really enjoys the central auditory system and EEG. A fun fact about her is that she enjoys running!

Jannat-Ul Ferdous

Jannat is currently working towards her bachelor’s in Speech and Hearing Science. Her top 3 career goals are: 1. Bilingual SLP, 2. Audiologist, and 3. ASL interpreter. As for research, she is still exploring many different fields and is not sure yet if she would like to pursue research. Jannat absolutely loves reading. Her favorite genres are fantasy and thriller. A fun fact about her is that she is great at remembering faces. Almost better than crows! 

Eman Salem

Eman is a first year student majoring in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. She is interested in the field of Audiology, specifically working with older adults. Her fun fact is that she loves to paint!

Braedon Sidor

Braedon is a Senior in the Speech and Hearing Sciences BA Program with a minor in Japanese. He plans on becoming a speech-language pathologist and wants to provide speech therapy to individuals who are bilingual or non-native English speakers. He enjoys learning new languages and the cultures behind them. He also likes to fold origami in his free time!

Grace Madden

Grace is a junior at the University at Buffalo getting her degree in Speech and Hearing Science.

Research Manager

Mythili Thamilchelvam

Mythili graduated from SUNY University at Buffalo with a BA in Psychology. For her Honor’s Project, she studied the association between Emotional Intelligence (EI), Auditory Emotion Recognition, and Pitch Imitation. This sparked her interest in doing research in the auditory domain. She plans to pursue a PhD in the future.