Amatryx Presents: Creativity in the Time of Covid-19

Amatryx is thrilled to present its first exhibition, focusing on creative work made by Buffalo-based, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQ peoples during the pandemic. The exhibition is funded by a Mellon Foundation grant and in collaboration with the Digital Humanities & Literary Cognition Lab at MSU, Buffalo Arts Studio, Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Arts Center, and Buffalo Game Space. Please see the attached flyers for more information on the exhibition materials, or check out our updated project page on this website!

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Please join us for the exhibition if you’re in the area!

Amatryx Members at Meaningful Play 2022!

Faculty and graduate students from Media Study will be attending the 2022 Meaningful Play conference ( in East Lansing, Michigan, where they will present work, in multiple forms, from the Game Studies program and Amatryx Gaming Lab.

Assistant Professor Cody Mejeur will present their paper “Queering Game Environments”, which argues that closer attention to game environments and their connections to ecocriticism and environmental studies would yield new possibilities for finding and cultivating queerness in games.

Mejeur and collaborators Famous Clark, Austin Wilson, Wes Turner, and Madison Ford will demo their game “Trans Folks Walking”. “Trans Folks Walking” is a 3D, first-person narrative game that explores experiences of trans embodiment, being, and mobility.

PhD student Tim Georger will present a paper “Controller as an Even More Literal Term: Looking at Controller Design as Territorialization”, analyzing odd and unique controls to discuss problems that arise when controllers are used as their own tools of expression.

Associate Professor Dave Pape and Tim Georger will present a poster on the “CAVE Art History Database”, a new, in-progress project documenting the history of interactive artworks created for the CAVE virtual reality system.

Finally, Pape and Mejeur will give a “microtalk” about UB’s Game Studies program as a whole.