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Easy, Quick and Cheap: Captioning at


Captioning is one of those things we need to do, we need to have the time to do and some of us cringe when we are tasked with the process.  So how do ‘we’ caption our videos quickly, accurately and at not a great expense to your department? (

My Experience will provide caption service for a $1.00 per minute. makes it easy to use and is accurate and quick.  Here are simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select caption
  3. Choose:
    1. Upload File
    2. Paste a URL
    3. Pull Video directly from YouTube/Vimeo
      1. You may also add UB Panopto through UBIT
    4. Upload file
    5. Select *.xxx type
    6. Make arrangements for billing
    7. Confirm your order
    8. Wait………..

Eleven (11) hours later, 158 minutes of video was captioned.

When I logged back in, the options are to:

  • Download
  • Preview
  • Edit

I previewed the video.  Verified the content was accurate and the spelling was accurate.  I spent more time writing down where the few errors were than editing the items.

In the Edit view, I am moved to a new page where I can change spelling, change atmospherics, remove gaps and a few other things.  I used CTRL + F or the magnifying glass and I searched for the text I needed to change and either replaced all items or just a one at a time.

It was easy and not intimidating at all.

Downloading My Captioning

Once I made the changes in Edit Mode I was able to download any of the following text formats (I did multiple versions *.rst and *.txt):

The file is zipped to your computer.

YouTube &

Make sure your original video is in your video manager in YouTube.  Go to add captions on your video and upload your *.rst file.  I rewatched the first 10 minutes of the videos with the captioning provided by and it was perfect.

Simple, easy and fast… No stress as well.