Outreach Programs

The Zooarchaeology Group (ZAG) provides educational programs that are available for K-12 classrooms. Each program will be tailored to the grade level of its students.

Learning activities:

  • Provide engaging discussions of the relationship between humans and the environment
  • Introduce students to STEM research in the social sciences through discussions of zooarchaeological research
  • Describe both how osteological collections are created and how they are used by researchers
  • Experience a live dermestid beetle tank and observe the taphonomic process
  • Work with skeletal specimens from our osteological and archaeological collections

Planning the Visit:

  • ZAG educators will cooperate with teachers to adapt the course to the classroom curriculum
  • We will customize the presentation for the time requirements of your class periods- from 30 minutes up to an hour
  • We will work with teachers to determine the most appropriate set of teaching aids such as a portable dermestid collection where students will be able to see dermestids cleaning a rotisserie chicken

Learning outcomes:

  • Real-world understanding¬†of how science operates
  • Learn the ways in which scientists from multiple fields cooperate to develop knowledge
  • Understand what we learn from archaeological materials
  • Begin to understand how humans impact and interact with their environment

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