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Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association

Founded in 2003 by Keystone Human Services International, the Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association provides community-based services and supports for individuals and families living in difficult social situations. As a registered non-governmental organization based in Chisinau, Moldova, Keystone Moldova unites individuals, families and the community in nurturing relationships. By providing a place in the community where children, young people, adults and families can access resources, Keystone Moldova empowers individuals to grow and live rich, fulfilling lives.

Keystone Moldova supports the reform of the system of care and social protection for individuals with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova so they can be included within the community. By working to improve the legal framework and regulations for the field of social protection and assistance to individuals with disabilities, Keystone Moldova is helping to lay the foundation for a future of social inclusion for all people.  Keystone Moldova has developed a system of community-based services and supports and supported numerous individuals and families to rejoin the community, gain access to equal education opportunities and live full, meaningful lives in the community.

Serving individuals and families who live or are at risk for living in difficult social situations, Keystone Moldova  provides services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those experiencing mental illness, as well as families who are affected by poverty, institutionalization and other adverse societal challenges.

Keystone Moldova carries out its mission in part through the Children and Family Centers. These Children and Family Centers are based on the successful Head Start program and involve the entire family in providing services and supports for their children. Empowering children and families with hope for a better future, the Children and Family Centers offer a variety of services and supports to address the psychological, educational and health needs of children and families, including psychological and physical rehabilitation, parent effectiveness training and support, health assessments, targeted support for children and families with disabilities, daycare facilities and respite care for working parents, home visits for rural areas, and family and youth clubs.

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