De-institulionalization Project

I wanted to talk a little bit more about the de-institutionalization project that I am a part of right now.

The de-institulionalization program started in Moldova about 4 years ago with the help of European governments. From what I could see so far all the services developed by Keystone are successful. During the period here, I visited all the services in the country that belong to keystone ( around 12 homes) and what I saw is amazing. Almost all the individuals from protected homes are employed and have small farms, and the people from community homes are doing great and are learning a lot. I am still inclined towards de-institutionalization, as I see the adults living in the community and learning a different lifestyle from the residential institution. Most of the individuals arrived in protected homes and community house with no abilities, not even able to eat by themselves, however now they are independent in many aspects.

Now, the Moldovan government wants to transform all  the institutions from Moldova in Protected and Community homes. Keystone is working closely with the residential institutions from two districts. We had a 2 day seminar with the staff members from Orhei institution and the 2 days with  the staff from Hincesti institution. During these 2 days seminar we are working towards a transitions plan and how the staff from the residential institutions sees the transition and their roles in the deinstitutionalization project in the next 5 years. By the end of the second day we had a draft of what will happen to the institution building, how many individuals will move to community homes, protected homes, foster care, biological families and of course how many will  stay in the institution. The staff share their thoughts on what they want to do with the empty space from the building, what new programs they want to develop. Keystone’s main goal is to  provides consultation to the residential institutions, in order for them to develop the successful services.

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